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My name is Chris Peterson and I am the publisher of PackersGuru.com. I created this site with the idea of discussing all things Packer football, while engaging and connecting Packer enthusiasts around the globe.

My work on the Packers has been published on popular sports websites such as the Bleacher Report, Foxsports.com, Yardbarker.com and Footballnation.com and while I have enjoyed writing for all those sites, I wanted to create my own website that focused solely on the Packers and providing premium content.

What makes me qualified to run such a site?

I eat, sleep, breathe and live Green Bay Packer football and I’ve been that way as long as I remember.

See in my family, being a Packers fan just kind of comes with birth. My grandpa was a Packers fan, my Dad is a Packers fan, my uncles are Packers fans, it’s part of who we are. (There are a few weirdo’s in our family that that rebelled and favor the Vikings but mostly we just laugh at their pain as they endure the Vikings pathetic attempts to win a Super Bowl).

Furthermore, I haven’t missed a Packers game since the 1999 season, the year before my Dad invested in the NFL Sunday Ticket package so we would never miss a game again.

From that time on, we spent every Sunday together as a family watching the Packers. We loved Brett Favre and now love Aaron Rodgers. Depression accompanies the losses, pure joy the victories.

My passion for the Packers knows no bounds but I also created this site in part, because I view myself as a Packers historian. This is backed by my Bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Montana and the fact that I have no life and spend hours browsing the Packers Encyclopedia. 

I have also accumulated tons of knowledge on the Packers from observing and studying them over the years. So when I predict the Packers are going to do something, it’s based on their history and how they normally operate, not just on a whim.

I realize this is a bit long but that’s how I am. If you want some fluff filled crap site with short articles that have little to no original analysis, and more interested in page views then providing real, worthwhile content, then PackersGuru.com is not the place for you.

However, if you want real insight, analysis and discussion on the Green Bay Packers, then follow me on Facebook and Twitter, join my Packers forum and let’s talk about the greatest thing in the world — Green Bay Packers Football.

Oh and one more thing….GO PACK GO!!!!!

Disclaimer – This is an unofficial and independent source of news and information not affiliated with the Green Bay Packers or the National Football League.

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