Packers Offensive Line Might be Better Than You Think

When considering the weaknesses of the Green Bay Packers, offensive line is an area that comes to mind.

But the truth is, as long as a few key players stay healthy, the Packers should be fine. More then fine.

You see the Packers might have some questions to answer, but they still return four of five starters. In today’s NFL, that’s pretty good.

Yes, losing T.J. Lang wasn’t ideal. He won’t be easy to replace, but Jahri Evans is more than capable of doing the job. Lane Taylor proved to be a reliable starter last season and Corey Linsley also offers few concerns.

David Bakhtiari is one of the best left tackles in the NFL and Bryan Bulaga isn’t far behind on the other side. And with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, sacks shouldn’t be too difficult to avoid.

The biggest concern might be what happens if the Packers preferred starters can’t stay healthy. It might mean Don Barclay at guard or center, as well as Jason Springs at tackle.

Kyle Murphy could also see some at guard or tackle in a pinch. After that, it’s hard to say who will even be on the final roster.

So the biggest concern for the Packers offensive line isn’t necessarily going to be talent, it has that, what it doesn’t have in spades is depth.

Fortunately, all the starters except Evans have pretty good history of staying healthy, maybe everyone outside Bulaga.

But if Evans and the rest can of the top five make it through 2017 mostly unscathed, the Packers offensive will be fine, better than fine actually.


  • This offensive line will do just fine. I do believe Tretter will be missed though. He was without a doubt the best sixth man in the NFL . Cleveland is building a great offensive line. It’s a shame Thomas is getting up in years.He’s a perennial All Pro.

    • I agree. I think Evans will be a good addition. It’s the kind of veteran signing Thompson has been reluctant to make in recent years, this time it will pay off.

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