Packers Were Right Not to Overpay for Micah Hyde

When free agency hits in the NFL, crazy things happen. Luckily, the Green Bay Packers know how to keep their head when the funny money is flying around.

Certainly, the Packers deal with Nick Perry that ended up being worth $60 million over five years opened eyes.

But really it shouldn’t. Green Bay only gave Perry $18.5 guaranteed. The last year of the deal is also worth $20, so for all intents and purposes, it’s four years $40 million.

Not bad at all in today’s free agent market. Especially when it comes to a guy that had 11 sacks last season.

Yet, as good as the Perry deal turned out to be, keeping Micah Hyde for the money the Bills paid him, would have been nuts.

Hyde is a solid player. He has eight career interceptions and six came the last two years. If you include his playoff INT vs Dallas, he had four picks in 2016.

Hyde is also a proven punt returner which adds to his value. He can play nickel corner or safety as well, adding to his versatility.

Yet, the fact remains, Hyde never consistently started in Green Bay. He was a sub-package player. That’s not a bad thing. He is valuable in that role, but the Packers need coverage corners and Hyde isn’t that guy.

Hyde deserved his payday and I will generally miss him as a player. He was fun to watch, always played hard and made a lot of big plays.

But to me, he was just wasn’t worth $30 million over five years. Thankfully, the Packers didn’t think so either.

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