Packers Should Be Aggressive and Bring Back Davon House

The Green Bay Packers are in desperate need of some cornerback help and one guy that could provide it is Davon House.

House was drafted by the Packers back in 2012 and then signed a big free agent deal with Jaguars following the 2015 season.

Yet, the deal didn’t work out and according to ESPN and others, House has been released.

That leaves the Packers free to sign House and that is something that Ted Thompson and Green Bay should pursue immediately.

In no way am I saying that House is going to be some kind of savior, but he can help. When he left Green Bay, he was playing like a legitimate starting corner.

Who knows what caused him to fail in Jacksonville, but if he came back to Green Bay and excelled it would be a huge boon for the Packers.

For one, bringing back House wouldn’t cost the Packers much money and since he was cut, it wouldn’t hurt them with compensatory picks.

Certainly more talent needs to be added to the cornerback position, maybe an early draft pick or another free agent, but adding House is the kind low risk, high reward move the Packers need to make, but have avoided too much in the past.

House is big, physical and he can run. He’s an ideal fit in Dom Capers defense and he can be had on the cheap.

There are a bunch of reasons to make the move and few reasons I can see not too.

It’s time for Thompson to act, for the betterment of his football team.


  • I wanted the Packers to sign Chris Long last year. I also like Connor Barwin,but it’s to late the Rams have him signed to a three year deal. Chris Long wants to play for a Super Bowl contender. His entire time with the Rams they never won more then 4 or 5 games a year. We still need help on the defensive line.I sure hope we take Watt in the draft and two good corners. This draft is loaded with the help we need. We need a plug and play starting corner from this draft and a running back who will start aside Ty. The kid from Oklahoma Perine is a beast and so is Foreman from Texas. GO PACK GO!!! I like Humphrey from Alabama and Moreau from UCLA.

    • Yea I wanted Long too. I think he would do well in GB. I wanted Barwin too. Bottom line, Matthews will need to rush the passer better and Perry needs to do what he did last year. Then if Fackrell plays better and they get a solid guy in the draft, they should be fine. But yea, need a big fast corner. And just good players. As long as they are impact guys, don’t care what position. Outside of QB there is a need at every single spot for more talent.

  • It’s because they got him CHEAP.Why can’t we go after Malcolm Butler.A Super DB.Cheap Packers.How many Super bowls with Rogers compared with Patriots and Brady.Team execution,not afraid to spend it,but then the Pack has no cap money,do they.Screw the fan and line the pockets.

    • Relax, its a team effort. GBP is usually in the playoffs. Next man up must be ready as injuries happen in every game. It is all about depth and next man up. Price will make the team as will a draft pick for the DL. 15 new players will be on the packers come Sept 1.

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