Eddie Lacy, Ty Montgomery Could Give Packers a Dynamic RB Duo

The Green Bay Packers have a lot to do this offseason, with a number of key players set to hit free agency. But one free agent, the team should work to keep, is running back Eddie Lacy.

Many Packers fans are sick of Lacy. They are tired of him being overweight and last season, he played just five games due to injury. Yet, when he was on the field in 2016, Lacy looked like the bruising back of old. He looked more akin to the 2013 and 2014 version of himself, than the one we saw in 2015.

Lacy opened the season rushing for 61 yards against the Jaguars and 50 against the Vikings. But then, he started to hit his stride. He ran for 103 yards on 17 carries against Detroit, then racked up 81 on 11 against the Giants. Finally, with an injured ankle, Lacy got 65 yards on 17 carries in an admirable effort v the Cowboys.

Overall though, Lacy ran well. He averaged just shy of 5.1 yards per carry and was on pace to rush for more than 1,000 yards.

According to Lacy, the Packers have told him they want him back. But when NFL free agency opens this week, anything can happen.

But if the Packers are smart, they will be aggressive in trying to secure his return to the team. For one, he is still a young player and it would be a tough pill to swallow if he went elsewhere and found his form.

Lacy has already proven he can be a starter in the NFL. But he is injury prone and he probably shouldn’t carry the rock more than 15 times per game.

That’s why re-signing and pairing him with Ty Montgomery would be a dream come true.

Montgomery was the Packers leading rusher last season and averaged 5.9 yards per carry. He’s effective, but different from Lacy. Together, the two could give defenses fits.

The former wide out, Montgomery could see a greater role catching the ball out of the backfield, while still getting his 10-15 carries a game. Lacy could take on a similar role, which would preserve both backs for the long NFL season.

And if one of them gets hot in the game, the Packers can feed it to him. If not, they can attack defenses with alternate backs and running styles.

Who knows if the Packers will keep Lacy. My guess is they will as long as the price tag is reasonable. Hopefully, it is, because Lacy and Montgomery in one backfield, could be dynamite.


  • I’m sorry< I meant Conner Barwin, NOT Barth!…

  • I would love to see the Packer’s sign Victor Cruz as a Wide receiver to compliment Jordy. He has experience, speed, moves, good route runner, & the Packer’s would NOT lose anything if Jordy, Cobb, Adams went down with injury. He is not only a veteran starter & impact player, but he is a quality “Insurance Policy” for the Packer’s. My 2nd choice in free agency would be Blount or Charles as a compliment to Montgomery in the backfield. My 3rd & 4th choices would be Conner Barth & D’onta Hightower on defense. No explanations neccessary. Their names & experience say it all….For a “Fantasy Pick” I would LOVE to see the Packer’s put together a deal for Richard Sherman. I KNOW it wont happen, but, I can dream!…I have given some thought to the QB position & I would have made a bid for Hoyer to come to GB as an experienced backup to Rodgers. Im just NOT impressed with our QB position after Rodgers. & Hoyer (in my opinion) would give the Packers a legitimate chance to have a winning season if Rodgers went down…for ANY amount of time & Hoyer could have been got for a reasonable price. In a final “note”…I REALLY WISH that TT would look at/to the Patriots & what they do & HOW they do it when it comes to the “Free Agency” market. They did nOT win the games they have, their division & the Conference along with the SuperBowls…being STOOOO-PID!!. TT NEEDS to be MORE active in/with the free agency market to remain competitive as a team each year. If he REALLY wants to have another SuperBowl Championship…he HAS to get with MORE free agency aquisitions!…either that or…Packer’s NEED to bring Ron Wolfe’s kid into TT’s Position…& SOON!.. Wolfe had the RIGHT idea’s & look at what happened?..This is JUST MY…Opinion….

  • I’m not the least bit impressed with the signings so far! The Packers seem to be happy with a cancerous d-tackle. Give me a break! Multiple offenses involving drugs and guns. Then they sign Bennett who thinks he needs to be a political activist. he is going to be a pathetic distraction. In Seattle, Lacey will be a major factor in their program. Maybe even a 1000 yd rusher. The d-backfield still stinks. Apparently they are praying for a couple of rookies who will be stars right out of the chute. They still don’t have a good running back! That could be addressed in the draft

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