Packers: Important Takes from Mike McCarthy’s Season-Ending Press Conference

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy stepped the podium Thursday for the local press and in the process emphatically answered some lingering questions about the offseason.

McCarthy seemed a little testy with the media, which isn’t a shock after how the Packers season ended. Yet, he still provided some useful information about the plan ahead for Green Bay.

The first takeaway is that Ted Thompson will be the general manager in 2017. And that there is no end in sight to the Thompson era.

And while many Packers faithful were hoping for the ouster of defensive coordinator Dom Capers, it looks like there will be just one staff move, as Tom Clements, a long-time assistant is moving on.

McCarthy also had some interesting tidbits to offer about Clay Matthews, Ty Montgomery, Aaron Rodgers and Morgan Burnett.

For starters, the head coach said that Matthews needs to be moved around next season and if he had been healthy, he would have played more than one position. He also added that Montgomery will stay at running back and will change his number before next season.

McCarthy spoke highly of quarterback Aaron Rodgers and claimed he was the best player in the NFL. He also said, despite the loss, Rodgers took his game to new heights in the NFC Championship.

Finally, McCarthy said he was hoping the Packers would be able to work out something with Eddie Lacy, who did play well and averaged more than five yards per carry in five games this past season.

So in conclusion and rapid fire, the key takeaways from MM’s final media appearance of the season are as follows: Thompson is back; Capers too. Matthews will play more than one position. Rodgers is still great. Morgan Burnett is respected, Clements is gone, Lacy might be back and Montgomery is staying a running back.

The offseason has started, 2016 is in the books. Catch the full press conference below.

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  • Many said the exact same thing about Mike Neal this time last season, a DE moved to LB who no one attempted to sign although some were concerned with the PED reports. The net is PFF ranked him very low and Jones seems to be the exact same type of player and although not a PED suspect he was caught buying grass near the parking lot returning from an away game and has way too many “stupid” penalties each season, sometimes multiple in a single game. My guess is you can replace the below average performance and maturity issues at minimal salary expense.

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