Packers: T.J. Lang Return Would Keep Starting Offensive Line Intact

A few days ago, the Green Bay Packers were hoping to use this week to prep for a trip to the Super Bowl. But, after a blowout loss to the Falcons in the NFC Championship game, it’s back to the drawing board.

Certainly, the Packers are in a better position than most to make another run at the big game. Aaron Rodgers will be back. Jordy Nelson will be healthy. Davante Adams and Ty Montgomery return and so do four of five starters on the offensive line.

By re-signing David Bahktiari earlier this season, the Packers have him, Lane Taylor, Corey Linsley and Bryan Bulaga all under contract for next season. However, if Green Bay wants its entire starting five back, it will need to re-sign T.J. Lang.

Lang, who is 29, had his finest season for the Packers. He has been starting since 2011, but earned his first trip to the Pro Bowl this past season. For his part, he wants to be back. He had this to say Monday:

“I just love putting on that helmet every weekend,” Lang said Monday. “It’s an honor to represent this team. So, yeah, it’s definitely something that, it’s not up to me, not my call, but I think everybody here knows that this is where my home is and this is where I want to stay. So, hopefully, things will work out in the next couple of months.”

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Lang has proven to be one of the best offensive guards in the game. And with more than eight million rolling over in cap space, the Packers can make bringing him back a priority. His return would keep one of the best offensive lines together and would allow Aaron Rodgers to hang on to one of his most trusted pass protectors.

The Packers don’t always spend big money in free agency, but normally they keep their own. And if they are smart, the will get something done with Lang quickly.

He’s too important to let get away.






  • I wonder if TT, MM, Capers, and Rogers watched the greatest coach, GM, QB, and defensive coordinator win again!! Ya think anything will be learned? The Pack leaders shoukd be ashamed. Grear QB Pack, but not much else. Been a bridesmaid all to often. Always close, but, no superbowl dynasty as the Patriots have. Really sad. If only we had an average defense. Brady is the best ever!!! Clutch!! Winner!!! Leads less talented to be the best.

  • re: Micah Hyde — but it’s not a hometown discount if he’s paid in-line with his role on the team!

  • Clearly, Hyde was playing his best because it’s a contract year. That said, could he be trusted again with playing so hard if they offered him a big contract? That question, plus his limited speed, disqualifies him for the big bucks he might want. I am sure the Packers could convert someone like Gunter to act as a reserve safety. Meanwhile, they need a speedy, veteran CB, and had better make yup their mi nds they are going to have to pay up for one through free agency.

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