Packers: How to Overcome Loss of Jordy Nelson

If there is one cloud hanging the over the Green Bay Packers going into their wildcard playoff game against Dallas Sunday, it’s the loss of Jordy Nelson.

While Nelson hasn’t officially been ruled out from the game, it doesn’t appear likely that he will play.

However, even without Nelson, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers tore up the Giants. And with Davante Adams and Randall Cobb, not to mention Jared Cook and Geronimo Allison, there is more than enough weapons for the offense to be effective.

Some people may not know it, but Adams has been playing at a high level for weeks now. He finished the regular season with 997 yards and 12 touchdowns. Last week, he caught eight passes for 125 yards. He owned the middle of the field.

Adams will need to do that again this week. His route running has been superb and his feet and physical strength makes him very hard to press.

If the Packers can get the ball to Adams in the middle of the field, Dallas will have a tough time slowing down Green Bay’s offense. The slants should not only go to Adams, but Cobb as well.

Cobb missed the two previous games due to injury and maybe that’s what he needed to get fully healthy. He was outstanding against the Giants, even without his Hail-Mary touchdown reception.

The short, quick passing game is how the Packers can kill people and Adams, as well as Cook and Cobb are both adept at it. Cook can also cause matchup problems up the seam or on the outside. Allison is also turning into a playmaker.

Ty Montgomery should also be utilized out of the backfield. He had 10 receptions in the first meeting with Dallas and if he can get involved in the passing game, the Cowboys will have another player to worry about covering.

The point is, even without Nelson, this Packers offense still has plenty of talent, more than enough for Rodgers to work with.

chris peterson

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