Aaron Rodgers Chasing Green Bay Packers History

Honestly, in all the years I have watched Aaron Rodgers play football for the Green Bay Packers, only one stretch has been better than how he played the past seven weeks.

The stretch I am alluding that has been better than the 7-0 record he has posted since the Philly game and the 19 touchdowns compared to zero interceptions he has thrown during the Packers win streak, is the one he went on when he led the Packers to their fourth Super Bowl championship in 2010.

At one time, Rodgers was the best in the world. And he can get there again, he may be there already.

In truth, much of this playoff run will be determined by his play. Because when Rodgers is firing on all cylinders, often times, so are the Packers.

When he gets the offense on the board early, the defense plays better. When he consistently converts third downs and scores touchdowns, it allows Dom Capers to be aggressive and his defensive unit to be on the field for as little time as possible.

The Packers are built around Aaron Rodgers and that’s why, much like New England and Tom Brady — Green Bay’s fate, is in the hands of number 12.

His performance the past two weeks in Detroit and home against New York were legendary. Both reminded me of how he played in Atlanta or in Dallas (in the Super Bowl) during the team’s last championship run.

This time around, the numbers have been better, in truth, they are off the charts.

Rodgers is playing out of his mind and the Packers are on a roll. I’m not saying he’s doing this alone, he’s certainly not. His offensive line is incredible, the best pass-blocking unit in football.

The receivers, have been exemplary. Davante Adams is playing like a No. 1 and Randall Cobb, at least last week, looked like himself. Together, along with Jared Cook, they are owning the middle of the field.

Seems like the Packers offense has gotten back to the slant and it’s safe to say, it’s paid huge dividends.

And the defense, while far from perfect, is doing its thing. It’s taking the ball away like crazy and Julius Peppers, who had a sack and two deflections last week. isn’t playing like a 36-year old.

He’s playing like a man that wants a ring. So is Rodgers. So are many others.

This team has found its mojo and it has done so, because somehow, some way, the quarterback found his at 4-6.

Dallas will be a stern test and Rodgers, again, will need to be his absolute best.

However, for some reason, you get the feeling he will be. Like in 2010, he has gotten hot at the right time and like that season, I believe has history is in his sights.

Whether or not he gets there, will be largely up to him. But if he does, there is no doubt, he will be the GOAT in Green Bay.


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