Packers: Never Again, Should We Question Aaron Rodgers

Two or three months ago, a lot of people were criticizing Aaron Rodgers, myself included. But after what the two, should be three-time MVP just did, I swear, I’ll never question his greatness again — ever.

Following the worst stretch of football in his career, Rodgers has enjoyed a renaissance like few we have ever seen. When the Packers were 4-6 and he said the team could run the table, it didn’t seem realistic or possible.

But Rodgers meant what he said. He also knew he was going to have to back it up and the truly amazing thing is he did it.

The former Cal product did it by playing better than he ever has. During these past six games, he transformed himself. More like he re-made himself into the magician we all remembered.

Whatever problems he had earlier in the season, when the Packers had one of the worst first-down offenses in the league and Rodgers couldn’t complete 60 percent of his passes or get a passer rating that eclipsed 100, they are gone. Nothing but a distant memory.

It’s hard to say how he fixed it. Certainly, a healthy Jordy Nelson helped, so did Jared Cook and Ty Montgomerey. But it was much more than that, this about one player doing things that simply aren’t done.

In six wins it took for the Packers to run the table, their franchise quarterback threw 18 touchdowns. He completed 70.9 percent of his passes and set a new personal record for most attempts without an interception. Rodgers passer rating over those games was an unheard of 122 and his passing yards per game was 277.

Green Bay has averaged 30.8 points per game and during their six-game win streak, they beat three playoff teams by an average of 14 points.

While his accuracy and play-making ability down the field is back, what has truly made Rodgers special again is his elusiveness. He has been breaking the internet recently with plays like the one below and in addition to everything else he has done in the last six games, he has 110 rushing yards and 1 touchdown, including 43 yards against Detroit.

Of course, Rodgers has played at high levels before. The 2010 playoff run, the 2011 and 2014 seasons all come to mind. He has amazed us with Hail Mary’s, fourth-quarter comebacks and most recently, by calling his shot.

But now that Rodgers is back to being the best in the NFL and the Packers look to have a shot at doing something special, it’s time for me and everyone else who questioned A-Rod to own up.

The truth is, he made us look sillier than the defensive lineman and DB’s he’s been torching lately and we would all do well, to never, ever forget it.


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