Packers: If Green Bay Keeps Winning, It Will Make Playoffs

After beating the Seattle Seahawks 38-10 Sunday at Lambeau Field, the Packers are right in the thick of the playoff race. Not only in the NFC North, but in the NFC Wildcard race.

Yes, Green Bay currently sits two games behind Detroit in the NFC North. Its also sitting behind seven teams in the NFC, with just six playoff berths available.

Yet, the truth is, the Packers are closer to a playoff berth than one might think. And as long as they keep winning, they have a high probability of making it.

Consider this: The Packers need just one loss from Detroit to control their own destiny. The Lions play the Giants this Sunday, another team that could help Green Bay by losing.

If the Giants win that game, then suddenly, three straight wins by the Packers makes them NFC North Champs (GB and DET would both finish 10-6 in that scenario).

Yet, even if the Giants lose, it’s not the end of the world. The Lions have to play at the Cowboys in Week 16. So the odds will say, Detroit is going to lose one of those games. If not, then hell, they deserve to win the division.

But say the Lions do lose this week and Green Bay wins. Then the Packers will be in the same situation they were in 2010. Win your last two games and you make the playoffs.

After starting 4-6, that’s a dream scenario for the Packers. And as far as the Lions are concerned, I can’t imagine a more frightening scenario than a Week 17 game for the NFC North Title.

But two more wins by Green Bay, coupled with one Detroit Loss and that’s exactly what we will get.

But even if Detroit wins the next two weeks and clinches the North, the Packers could still make the playoffs with three wins and losses by both Tampa Bay and Washington or two by New York. Keep in mind the Giants and Redskins play Week 17 and that the Packers own the tiebreaker over Giants.

Considering Washington has a road game at Chicago and plays New York in Week 17, it’s possible. Tampa Bay also has tough games looming: The Bucs play at Dallas and at New Orleans the next two weeks. They close against Carolina.

Obviously, winning the division seems like an easier road. It’s also ideal. But either way, there is no doubt, the Packers are back in the playoff race and as long as they keep winning, they will stay there.

chris peterson

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