Packers vs Eagles: 3 Reasons Green Bay Will Beat Philadelphia

It has been a rough month for the Green Bay Packers. Heck, it has been a rough season. Yet, at 4-6, the Packers aren’t done yet, especially not if they find a way to beat the Eagles tonight.

The Eagles come into tonight’s game at 5-5, also squarely in the wildcard mix. In fact, if Philadelphia beats the Packers tonight, the Eagles will trail Washington by just a half game for the final playoff spot in the NFC.

So it’s a big game for both teams, but here is why I think the Packers will wind up victorious.

1 — Aaron Rodgers will start fast —

While the Packers as a whole have been struggling, quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been lights out recently. His last game against Washington, was among his best. His passer rating was 115, he averaged 8.4 yards per attempt and he threw three touchdowns.

Rodgers has had a quarterback rating of more than 110 three times in the last five games and in that span he has 15 touchdowns and just three interceptions.

That being said, both he and the offense need to start fast. It’s been an issue three straight games and to win tonight, in my opinion, Green Bay needs a couple of early scores, which I think Rodgers will deliver.

2 — Clay Matthews will be healthier and will play like it —

If you watched the Packers last week, then you can’t argue when I say Clay Matthews wasn’t himself last week. He made little impact in 59 snaps, outside a couple of pressures.

However, the hamstring that has bothered Matthews throughout his career is not an easy injury to come back from and he clearly had some rust.

Tonight, the rust will be totally knocked off and I would expect Matthews to make a big play or two to help this Green Bay defense get off the mat.

As Kevin Greene once said to Matthews before he forced a critical fumble in the Super Bowl: “It is time Clay, It. Is. Time.”

3 — It’s My Dad’s Birthday and that will bring the Packers good luck —

At this point in the season, the Packers are going to need a little luck. And today, they will get some because it’s my Dad, Gary Peterson’s birthday! (Happy Birthday Dad).

My Dad is the real reason I am a die-hard follower of the Green and Gold. And while I would like to believe I am the team’s No.1 fan, it’s hard to beat him out for that title.

Just about everything the man owns is Packer related: He brushes his teeth with a Packers tooth brush, he cooks in a Packers crockpot, he flies Packers flags and banners and is about the most faithful fan I know.

Even when the team stinks, as it does now, he never loses faith or hope (even when I do). I yell at them and he still cheers Go Pack Go with his music system set up for Packers football.

He is a true fan and like many other great Packers fans out there, he deserves a win. I can’t think of a better birthday present for the old man, than a win in Philly tonight.

Hopefully, the Packers deliver. I for one, think they will.

chris peterson

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