Packers: How Green Bay Could Make Playoffs at 9-7

The 2016 season has been a nightmare for the Green Bay Packers. at 4-6, the team is hindering on extinction in the playoff race, but with a few wins, things could turn around quickly.

Certainly, the Packers are their own biggest obstacle to getting back into it, because unless they start playing better football and winning games, it won’t matter.

But starting Monday night in Philly, if the Packers can win and turn their season around as quarterback Aaron Rodgers thinks they can, it’s really not that far fetched.

Consider that if Green Bay wins its last three division games against Minnesota, Detroit and Chicago, it will own the tiebreaker over both the Lions and Vikings.

With a win over the Eagles, (a BIG if), the Packers would be 5-6, one game back of the Vikes and two behind the Lions.

Since this scenario calls for the Packers to win at least five or six games to end the season, wins over the Vikings and Lions in Week 16 and 17 are required. That would give Minnesota at least six losses and Detroit at least five.

Yet, considering the Vikings also play the Cowboys this Thursday, as well as the Colts (home), Jaguars (away) and the Bears (home), another loss is possible, especially to Dallas.

If Minnesota beats the Cowboys and wins every other game besides the one in Green Bay, it would be 10-6 and the Packers would need to win out to beat the Vikings for the NFC North title.

If Minnesota lost to Green Bay and one other game, the Packers could take the North at 9-7, but to do so, some help from Detroit would also be needed.

At 7-4, the Lions are in control. They lead Green Bay by 2.5 games (pending MNF) and Minnesota by one. Detroit also holds the tiebreaker over the Vikes, so Minnesota has to finish one game better than the Lions to win it.

However, the Lions, who have trailed in the fourth quarter in all 11 games this season, face a very difficult closing stretch of the season.

Detroit plays three of its next four on the road, with its three road games coming against New Orleans, New York and Dallas.

It seems highly unlikely that the Lions or hardly any NFL team could win all three of those road games. Even at 2-1, with another home win over the Bears, Detroit would be 10-5 going into Week 17, when it hosts Green Bay.

If the Packers won their next five games (a long shot I know) and the Lions lost one on the road, that game would be for the NFC North title.

If say, Detroit drops two of those three road games (not far fetched at all) considering the Lions are 2-3 on the road and lost to the Bears, yes the Bears, in Chicago, the Packers could enter Week 17 at 8-7 and control their own destiny.

Here is what needs to occur leading up to Week 17 for this to happen and yes I know it sounds delusional, but when you really study it, it’s possible. As you can see above, I wasn’t feeling too optimistic last Sunday.

Green Bay: Win two of three against Eagles (away), Texans (home) and Seahawks (home); Beat Minnesota (home) and Chicago (away).

Detroit: 2-2 record. Next four games: At New Orleans, home vs Chicago, at New York, at Dallas. Lose two of those three on the road.

Minnesota: Lose one other game before playing Green Bay and lose to Packers in Week 16.

The biggest thing, is the Packers need to start winning and right now, that seems like the most unlikely thing to happen in this scenario.

But Green Bay still has Aaron Rodgers, it has also three winnable home games and three manageable games on the road. If something clicks and this team starts playing how we grown accustomed to, it could still, play itself back into the NFC North race.





  • I thought so too but he has come on in recent weeks. I think there is a chance he could return to the Packers on a one-year deal worth a few million bucks. He will have a big impact if this team makes the playoffs.

  • This season is Peppers swan song. I believe he will retire after this year. I really thought this years Packers team would be able to win the Super Bowl and Peppers would get that elusive ring to go along with him into the HOF. Rodgers is starting to look like the MVP Rodgers of 2011. Receivers are holding on to the football and Arod is showing the precision passing game and throwing in rhythm which has been missing. We must run the table to have any chance and Rodgers knows that. By winning the division we’ll at least be guaranteed one home game. GO PACK GO!!!

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