Packers vs Redskins: Jared Cook Expected Back, Can He Make an Impact?

When the Green Bay Packers signed Jared Cook back in the offseason, it was a move that was met with excitement. However, thanks to injuries, so far it’s been a disappointment.

Yet, Sunday, against the Washington Redskins, the Packers, who are 4-5, will have Cook available for the first time since Week 3. And at a time when the offense is struggling, it’s welcome news.

The questions is, what kind of impact can Cook make tonight against the Redskins?

It’s hard to say. He’s been practicing for the past few weeks, so if he’s ready to go, you would assume he’s fairly healthy. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s in game shape.

In the three games Cook has played for the Packers, his production has been minimal. He was targeted 11 times and caught six passes for 53 yards. He also drew a lengthy pass interference penalty Week 1.

Cook was brought to Green Bay to help open up the middle of the field or the seam. The way teams are playing their safeties deep, it’s an area that should be able to be exploited.

Yet, Richard Rodgers, Green Bay’s other tight end, doesn’t really have the speed to do it. That’s where Cook, who’s an explosive athlete comes in.

It will be interesting to see how much he’s on the field and if Aaron Rodgers looks for him at all when he is. But for a team in need of offensive weapons, getting a skilled tight end back isn’t the worst thing in the world.

My prediction is that he will probably split some snaps with Rodgers, but it wouldn’t shock me to see him targeted a few times or split wide in an effort to create a mismatch.

I’d keep my expectations for Cook fairly low this week, but regardless, his speed and play-making ability in the middle of the field should be a welcome sight.



  • The Packers must win Monday Night against the Eagles. I’m not ready to give up on this team yet. Yes i know the Lions and Vikings would have to both go 3 and 3 and we must run the table. Seattle will be the biggest challenge and we really owe them one.Also it’s a home game in December. The secondary has to play better and we keep giving up big plays in the middle of the field. We’re scoring enough points to win and could even do better. The defense on the other hand has to take on the challenge and not give up third down plays and get off the field. We must be able to run the football. Christine Michael could give us yards if we only play him. Running back will be a big priority in the 2017 draft. The NFC North runs the football and we can no longer count on Lacy.

    • Yea it’s possible. As I wrote the other day. I think a fast start is key. The Packers just need to win this game. Then you are one win away from 6-6. You get there and it’s possible. But now, just need one and scoring and getting a lead early would be huge.

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