Packers: Projecting Christine Michael’s Role in Green Bay

The Green Bay Packers have had all kinds of injuries to deal with this season and all sorts of moving parts with their roster. And to deal with that, the team made another move Wednesday, claiming former Seattle running back Christine Michael.

Michael, who was picked by the Seahawks in the second round of the NFL draft, played in all nine games for Seattle this season and carried the ball 10 times in five games. He even rushed 20 times for 106 yards in a win over San Francisco earlier in the season.

Last week against the Patriots, he ran the ball five times for 22 yards. For the season he has carried the ball 117 times for 469 yards and six touchdowns. He is averaging 4.1 yards per carry.

Those numbers prove Michael can hack it at the NFL level. He’s not a superstar, but can at least get four yards a carry. He also adds some much-needed depth behind James Starks, who has a history of injuries, especially when he is the main back.

Michael can help Starks carry the load. He is also capable of making a push for the starting job or at least a split with Starks. He isn’t super explosive, but he has two runs of more than 20 yards and also 27 runs for first downs.

Another benefit for him is that the Seahawks under Darrell Bevell run the west-coast offense, so his transition to Green Bay should be a smooth one.

It’s hard to say what role Michael will have Sunday night in Washington, but if he can be another reliable runner, maybe Green Bay can allow Mike Montgomery to play exclusively at wide receiver.

However, Michael is a big, physical back in the same mold as Starks and doesn’t offer much in terms of change-of-pace. He also isn’t a burner (4.57 40-time), but his toughness will be welcome on a team that seems to lack it right now.

All in all, it’s a good move by the Packers. They needed insurance and another body at running back and Michael should be up to the task.


chris peterson

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Why? Why do we owe McCarthy another year of mis-managing the team? If we owe people based on past performance, why should that not hold true for Clay, Jordy, or even Julius? McCarthy was arguably a good coach, maybe even up to 2014, but he is no longer. If you think he still is, you aren’t watching the same games I am. Making personnel decisions based on the past is a sure way to return this team to the bottom of the standings.

chris peterson

I agree completely. Kind of wish Ted would step aside so we could get Elliot Wolf to be the new GM. I am concerned he is going to leave before TT leaves. He should be next in Line.


I agree wholeheartedly with almost everything said in the article. Yep, complacency and overvaluing their present personnel. But who have made these fatal decisions? That’s right, Ted Thompson, principally, and Mike McCarthy. Therefore, it is they, more than anyone else, who need to be replaced. Fans have sat by for years wondering why Thompson never saw any reason even minimally to pick up one or two badly needed FAs every year, thinking he could just “draft and develop.” On the face of it, that probably is a good approach. However, the problems with that have been his unwillingness to compromise even just a little when situations have demanded it, and this pattern of over-relying on younger players and letting more experienced (and still young) players walk. McCarthy himself seems clueless. Things have become so stale and Mike just doesn’t seems to have any answers left. His play calling has gotten worse, not better. Yes, it’s time Murphy bites the bullet and pink slip McCarthy at the end of this season, and Thompson next year if his performance doesn’t improve.

chris peterson

I agree completely. Kind of wish Ted would step aside so we could get Elliot Wolf to be the new GM. I am concerned he is going to leave before TT leaves. She should be next in Line.


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