Packers Damage Playoff Chances with Bad Loss to Colts

The Green Bay Packers laid a massive egg at Lambeau Field Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts and their playoff hopes took a massive hit because of it.

After the Minnesota Vikings lost for the second straight week, the Packers, a heavy favorite at home, failed to get to 5-3, losing 31-26 to a 3-5 team, in a game marred by mistakes and missed opportunities.

The first play set the tone as the Colts returned the opening kickoff for a score. A Mason Crosby missed field goal and a rare home interception also left points on the board for Green Bay.

Rodgers, who had played much better in recent weeks, played awful in the first half. His final numbers, 26-of-43 for 297 yards and three touchdowns opposite one interception, look good.  In reality, he was below average.

The Packers had numerous chances to get back into the game and the offense simply didn’t deliver.

Rodgers, who needed a dynamic performance to make up for an injury-riddled defense, wasn’t good. He looked tired and had no sense of urgency in a critical game for his team.

Rodgers isn’t the only one to blame.

The receivers, at times, struggled to get open, but he also missed them at times when they were. Worst of all, the Packers were just 2-of-4 in red-zone scoring and just 4-0f-12 on third downs.

The defense didn’t do the Packers any favors, but after two big kickoff returns led to early points, the team was behind the 8-ball all day.

I kept waiting for Rodgers to save the day, but it just didn’t happen. He only led the Packers to three points on their first two drives and on the first three drives of the second half, with his team down double figures, he also managed just a field goal.

Garbage time touchdowns and a late rallies don’t count. Rodgers had chances to turn the tide and win the game and didn’t do it. Simple as that.

Unless Rodgers and the Packers, who now trail both Minnesota and Detroit in the division, as well as the Giants and Redskins in the wildcard, get things together quickly, a run at the playoffs becomes less and less likely.

Green Bay faces three straight road games. Winning two out of those three games would be seen as a victory and that would leave the Packers at just 6-5.

Figuring that 10 wins will be required to make the postseason, the Packers will need to go 6-2 over their final eight games and after what we saw Sunday, it seems like a tall order.

There is certainly a lot of football left to play, but at this point, the only consistent thing about the Packers, is their inconsistency and that is no way sounds like a playoff team.




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