Packers: Should Green Bay Call C.J. Spiller?

There may be no team in the NFL more in need of running backs than the Green Bay Packers. That’s why, even though he’s not the player he once was, they should call C.J. Spiller.


The move may seem far-fetched for the Packers’ brass. But in reality, Spiller paid a visit to Green Bay just last month. If Seattle hadn’t signed him, who knows, he could be a Packer right now.


Right now, the Packers have just one truly healthy running back, Knile Davis. Green Bay traded for him last week. Don Jackson, the other running back, is a rookie and may not be available for Sunday’s game against Atlanta.


The Seahawks let Spiller got after some of their younger players got healthy and in his limited time there, he didn’t do much — three carries for nine yards and five¬†catches for 43.


However, Spiller is an experienced back and he showed some ability in the passing game with the Seattle, which is something the Packers are sorely missing. Here’s a look at a touchdown catch he had with the Seahawks.



The difficult thing right now for Green Bay might be creating a roster spot.


Running back isn’t the only position where the Packers are challenged right now. Cornerback has also been hit with some injuries as have both the offensive and defensive lines.


However, if injuries to Jackson or James Starks get worse, it’s possible one of them could go on injured reserve. If that happens, Spiller could get a call from the Packers.


The veteran from Clemson may not be great, but at least he’s healthy and soon, he may be the best and option available.




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