Packers vs Giants: Green Bay’s High-Fives, Head-Scratchers and Game Balls

The Green Bay Packers took down the New York Giants on 23-16 on Sunday Night Football at Lambeau Field and in the process showed they have one of the best defenses in the NFL.

The offense did some good things. Aaron Rodgers had his moments. He also threw a lot of incompletions and two interceptions. Yet, he tossed two critical touchdowns and led the offense to more than 400 total yards.

There are certainly things we can nitpick about when it came to the Packers’ performance last night. But all in all, there were a lot of positive things. Especially the win, which improves Green Bay to 3-1 and keeps them one game behind Minnesota in the loss column.

So without further ado, here are the high-fives and head-scratching moments of the Packers win over the Giants.

High-Five: Randall Cobb

The defense may have been the bigger story, but Cobb playing the way he did, nine receptions for 108 yards, was huge. He caught a number of key first downs in the second half, including the game-clincher with just over two minutes to go.

His catch-and-run for a first down, early in the fourth quarter that went for 23 and led to a field goal, was critical and amazing (See it above).

Cobb hasn’t been quite himself so far this season, but he sure looked the part last night. Hopefully, the last hit he took, won’t force him to miss any game time.

Head-Scatcher: Dropped Passes

As mentioned previously, Rodgers didn’t have the greatest completion percentage. In fact, he was barely over 50 percent. Yet, part of that had to due with his receivers dropping so many passes.

Jordy Nelson, who is normally as sure-handed as they come, let a ball bounce off his hands, which led to an interception in the first quarter.

There were also a number of other drops throughout the game. It wasn’t a huge problem, but when the quarterback is trying to find his groove, it would help if his wide outs caught the ball.

High Five: The Defense

There are so many individuals that played well, it’s hard to single them out. But regardless, the Packers defense played lights out against the Giants.

Eli Manning completed just over 50 percent of his passes. He also limited to just 199 yards and one touchdown. Manning was sacked four times and also fumbled once.

Overall, the Packers contained OBJ and held New York to just 219 total yards, 43 of them coming on the ground. The Giants were also just 4-of-13 on third downs and had just two first downs on the ground.

The pass rush continued to be outstanding, as Nick Perry, Clay Matthews, Micah Hyde and Kyler Fackrell also finished with sacks. Green Bay also had 7.5 tackles for loss and limited New York to 2.9 yards per carry.

Head-Scratcher: Lack of Turnovers

The one thing the defense is not doing right now, is getting interceptions. The Packers did come away with one turnover last night, which was crucial. Yet, the Green Bay secondary has been known for its ball-hawking and that’s been missing this season.

Certainly, missing guys like Sam Shields doesn’t help, but no matter what, the Packers have to start hanging onto some INT’s.

High Five: Davante Adams

Adams has been much maligned by Packers’ fans recently, but Sunday night, he had his best game of the season. He caught five passes for 85 yards and scored a key touchdown in the second quarter.

It seems that Adams is getting his confidence and more importantly, Rodgers is begin to trust him more. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Nelson is healthy again or that Rodgers is getting his mojo back, but if Cobb and Adams continue to produce, the Green Bay offense will be hard to stop.

Game Balls: Randall Cobb, Kyler Fackrell, Davante Adams, Micah Hyde.

The Packers will look at defeat another NFC East foe this Sunday, when the 4-1 Dallas Cowboys come calling.



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