Packers: Lane Taylor Off to Impressive Start at LG

When the Green Bay Packers cut Josh Sitton last month, the moved cause a bit of a panic. But with the way Lane Taylor has been playing, it’s easy to see why the Packers weren’t worried.

Through three games, Taylor, a fourth-year player that was undrafted out of Oklahoma State, has more than held his own.

Taylor struggled some against Minnesota, but against a salty Lions front in Week 3, he didn’t allow a single pressure on Aaron Rodgers or a bad run.

Taylor has proven time and time again this season that he is more than stout enough to hold up and get movement in the running game.

Taylor still needs to improve his pass blocking, but he’s not being exploited. He’s holding his own and should continue to get better.

Of course, when the Packers signed him to a two-year deal last offseason, it was clear it was long-term insurance.

Taylor had started a couple games previously and proved himself to be capable. Now, through three games, he has the look of a legitimate starter.

Taylor may never be a Pro-Bowl player but he has shown enough that there is at least a chance he keeps the job well beyond this season or next.

For all the criticism levied at Ted Thompson at the Packers following Sitton’s release, so far, Green Bay doesn’t seem to feel any affects.

Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and trust your young players. ┬áThe Packers do this as well as anyone in the NFL and that’s why we shouldn’t be surprised that Taylor is succeeding. In fact, we should have expected it.

Green Bay knows young talent and how to develop it and Taylor is just the latest example of that.



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