Packers vs Lions: Green Bay to Feature Ty Montgomery, Trevor Davis

The Green Bay Packers have not been good on offense through the first two weeks of the season. One of the problems has been the team’s inability to make big plays down the field.

Sunday, against the Detroit Lions, head coach Mike McCarthy’s solution, according to, is going to be featuring Ty Montgomery and Trevor Davis, two speedsters, more in the Packers’ offense.

Apparently, the Packers don’t believe the issues with the offense are because of Aaron Rodgers. Instead, the team thinks it has more to do with his weapons and not creating enough explosive plays.

Certainly, the Packers receivers are not what they used to be, at least they won’t be until Jordy Nelson is 100 percent. Randall Cobb has also been underwhelming and Davante Adams has only shown flashes.

One thought out there is that Green Bay has been too stagnant in terms of its offensive personnel and mixing it up, by giving more snaps and opportunities to Montgomery and Davis can only help with that.

Part of the issue for Green Bay has been teams playing a two-safety shell defensively. The Packers haven’t committed enough to the running game to take advantage of it and the receivers have been unable to get open down the field, except for a few times.

McCarthy and Rodgers have been big proponents of the no-huddle offense, but maybe it would be smarter to utilize more personnel packages and try to force the defense into mismatches.

Undoubtedly, the Packers need to play with more urgency on offense and they need to create more big plays. Hopefully, adding Montgomery and Davis to the mix, will be exactly what’s needed.

chris peterson

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