Packers: The Good, the Bad and the OK from Green Bay’s loss to Vikings

For the second consecutive game against the Minnesota Vikings, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers’ offense was made to look foolish.

Rodgers finished the game with more turnovers (3) than touchdowns (2). He also was terrible throwing the ball and at times looked so bad, you wondered if Brett Hundley was going to start warming up.

All joking aside (half-joking about Hundley) the Packers have some things that need to be addressed right away or this season will be a repeat of 2015, which was frustrating from start to finish.

Here is the good, the bad and ok from Green Bay’s Week 2 showdown vs Minnesota.

The Good: DefenseĀ 

The defense was outstanding. Allowing 17 points on the road should be more than enough to win the game. Mike Daniels was everywhere with two tackles for loss and a sack and the pass rush hit Sam Bradford all night.

The Packers absolutely owned Adrian Peterson and outside of not causing a turnover or getting a defensive touchdown, there wasn’t much else it could have done to win the game.

Defensively, Green Bay is good enough to win the Super Bowl. The offense, on the other hand, is a far different story.

The Bad: Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy

If you want to look at why the Packers lost, look no further than Rodgers and head coach Mike McCarthy.

Rodgers was flat awful. Outside of his three turnovers, at times, it seemed like he could barely complete a pass.

Rodgers was pressured only 11 times, but on those 11 plays, he didn’t muster a single completion. He looks shell shocked and scared. He’s playing as if he’s afraid to make a mistake.

Maybe as Jordy Nelson gets healthier, he will improve, but right now, the Packers’ biggest issue is Rodgers.

The other big problem is McCarthy not knowing his team. Down three points, in the third, facing a 4th-and-1, with an offense struggling to do anything, he decided to go for it (and not get it) instead of tying the game.

The Packers lost because of it and the main reason is McCarthy wants to believe his offense is still explosive when in reality, it’s far from it and can’t afford to squander any chances for points.

The OK: Wide receivers

The Packers’ wide receivers weren’t bad against the Vikings, but they weren’t great either. There were some drops and miscommunication, but overall the recovers cannot be blamed for Rodgers’ struggles. They were open plenty more and he simply couldn’t get them the ball.

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