Packers vs Jaguars: The Good, the Bad and the OK for Green Bay

Everyone knew that the Green Bay Packers might have a tough time beating an up-and-coming Jacksonville Jaguars team. And to no surprise, that came true. But, despite some sloppiness, the Packers prevailed 27-23.

Aaron Rodgers wasn’t great, but he was pretty special on a handful of plays and that ended up being the difference. The defense also wasn’t on top of its game, but it held Blake Bortles to a quarterback rating of 85 and the Jaguars as a team to 1.8 yards per carry, 48 yards on 26 attempts.

As to be expected in Week 1 of the NFL season, there are good things and bad things. And starting this week, the Packers Guru will offer the good, the bad and the ok on every Green Bay game.

Here with go with the Packers vs Jaguars:

The Good: The run defense, Aaron Rodgers and Damarious Randall. 

Run defense was a major concern for the Packers coming into the season and in Week 1 against the Jaguars, it held up exceedingly well. T.J. Yeldon isn’t a superstar, but holding him to 39 yards on 21 carries was impressive. Maybe it will be a sign of good things to come and if it is, it will mean very good things for the Green Bay defense.

Another good thing for the Packers was Rodgers. His play could have been better, especially early on, but in the end, he made enough plays to get the win. His touchdown passes to Davante Adams and Jordy Nelson were special, no other word for them. Those throws and his ability to elude rushers exemplify why Rodgers give Green Bay a chance to win every Sunday.

Nelson also did well, even though he caught just six passes for 32 yards. He helped the offense and showed why Rodgers trust him so much.

The Packers’ secondary has been highly touted coming into the season and one of the few that lived up to the hype was Damarious Randall. He did a great job in coverage with two pass deflections, while also totaling six tackles, one for loss. He’s a legit starter and may be the No. 1 CB before long. 

The Bad: Penalties and 4th-down def, game management

There were some areas that need to improve. The offense was sluggish and the defense did a poor job of getting off the field, especially on fourth down. But penalties in key spots, yes Morgan Burnett, I am talking about you, were killer.

 Burnett gave the Jags two first downs, one a crucial fourth down late in the game that gave Jacksonville life. Ultimately, the defense held an explosive Jacksonville offense to 23 points and held them out of the end zone when it mattered, but the secondary and the pass rush needs to be better. 

 Mike McCarthy also needs to get better then it comes to managing the game, particularly his time outs. His timeout at about the three minute mark in the second quarter was boneheaded and his use of them in the fourth quarter was even worse.

Yes, the defense stopped the Jags, but if it hadn’t, it would have been nice to have time on the clock and a timeout or two in your pocket.

The Ok: Lane Taylor/Insidelinebacker

Lane Taylor wasn’t good, but he wasn’t bad either. He did a pretty good job in the run game. I noticed a bad run or two that could be attributed to him and at least one pressure that I saw with my own eyes. But I will say this: Taylor didn’t look over matched and as he blocked Malik Jackson all day long and held his own, I’d say if he can continue that all season, the Packers will be just fine at guard.

For all the talk of the inside linebackers, after the first game, I’d have to say the position looks better, but still needs to take another step. Jake Ryan was solid (7 tackles, 1 PD) and he caught my eye more than once. Blake Martinez also overcame some shaky play early to be adequate. He also had nice coverage on a drop by Yeldon late in the game. Overall, with those two and Joe Thomas, who got an interception and was decent blitzing, there should be enough there to get by.

Final Thoughts from the Packers Guru:

All in all, any win on the road in the NFL is a good win. Rodgers wasn’t great, neither was Nelson, but the offense was better with him out there. Eddie Lacy was solid and the defense found a way to close out a game. We will find out much more in Week 2 at Minnesota.



  • Wow, did you watch the game ? D couldn’t tackle, I give the D a D at best..The offence a C..You need to watch the game to comment

    • Actually watched every play. Hard to say tackling is bad when opponent averages 1.8 per rush. Tackling is pretty important in the run game. So I didn’t see tackling as a huge issue. Sure some were missed. 3rd and 4th defense and dumb penalties that gave first downs, including two on final drive were bigger deals. The def was fine. Just needs to get off the field. All the def needs to do is hold opponents to around 20 and the Packers have a good chance to win

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