Packers Versatile Secondary Will Be Among NFL’s Best

The Green Bay Packers have many strengths as they get set to open the 2016 NFL season — one of the biggest, is a talented and versatile secondary.

For years, the secondary was a bit of a weakness in Green Bay. The team struggled to have good players at both safety and corner. But now, at every position, the Packers have a talented player either in or about to enter his prime.

At corner, Sam Shields, Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins, along with Ladarius Gunter and Josh Hawkins, give the Packers a slew of skilled cover guys.

Shields is lightning quick and Gunter is also big at 6-1. Randall and Rollins have backgrounds at safety and both can make plays on the ball and tackle.

At safety, Haha Clinton-Dix is a star. He could be an All-Pro in short order. Morgan Burnett is also solid. And he may even see time at linebacker in a hybrid role, which could offer a solution to the Packers’ problems of covering the tight end.

When talking about hybrids, there are few better than Micah Hyde, who can play safety and all three spots at corner if needed, although his ideal position is the slot.

Then you have Kentrell Brice and Marwin Evans, two rookies with blazing speed and hard-hitting mentalities. Both can cover man-to-man and could, at some point, earn some time in sub packages with their coverage skills and ability to play in the box.

Pro football is a different game. It relies more on athletes and the passing game than ever before. In previous years, the Packers were ill-equipped to deal with these challenges, but not anymore.

The Packers secondary has a chance to be as good as any in pro football and shutting down the Jaguars’ explosive passing game would show just how close that statement is to being true.

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Paul Godbout

While the Packers have increased their depth and talent in the secondary, they also weakened one of their past strengths in getting rid of Josh Sitton. By letting go of Sitton who was a brick wall in pass protection, that have opened the door to Aaron Rodgers being more vulnerable to opponent defensive tackles. I’m hoping Lane Taylor can absorb some of those freight trains trying to obliterate Rodgers, but all it takes is one big hit to end his season. That’s not to say it couldn’t of happened with Sitton in the lineup, but he was definitely a solid road block and probably helped #12 from getting hurt many times. I am looking forward to see what this new O-line can do this year without Josh and I sure hope Ted Thompson didn’t weaken our team in that area because our franchise quarterback is the key element in getting back to the Super Bowl.

James C. Drumheller III

The strength of the Packers defense is their secondary. Statistics over the years have shown that every time the Packers were number one against the pass they have won the Super Bowl. TT knows what he’s doing when it comes to drafting players to fit the defensive scheme.He’s even better at finding major talent after the draft. This year is no exception. Marwin Evans and Kentrell Brice are exciting prospects.Players love to come to Green Bay because we are a draft and develop team and they know they’ll have a chance to catch on and learn the finer points of their position.Staying healthy is key and having depth when injuries occur is how you make a deep playoff run every season. Protecting the franchise RODGERS IS PRIORITY ONE. Here’s to a SUPER year. GO PACK GO!!!!DOMINATE!!!!!


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