Packers Make Questionable Call Cutting Josh Sitton

You never know what is going to happen in the National Football League, especially not on cut-down day. But I doubt anyone that follows the Green Bay Packers expected the day to end without Josh Sitton on the 53-man roster.

Yet, early Saturday afternoon, hours before the Packers would announce their final roster moves, the rumors came out, that Sitton, fresh off a Pro-Bow season, was going to be released.

The move, in a word, was stunning. To me, it also seems like a mistake.

Yes, the Packers have options. JC Tretter has emerged as a starting-caliber player and my guess is that when Corey Linsley returns from injury, he will start at center and Tretter will start at guard.

That or Bryan Bulaga plays guard and Jason Spriggs starts at right tackle. There are some other scenarios where Lane Taylor or Don Barclay also start.

If that’s the idea, then pardon my french, but what the hell is Ted Thompson thinking?

Did he watch Barclay get dominated last season? Or did he see Taylor struggle this August?

Certainly, Sitton was starting to get on the downside of his career. On top of that, his contract was expiring and the Packers essentially told him “we aren’t paying you.”

That’s all well and good; business is business. But leave it for the offseason, not September.

Sitton was set to make $6.5 million. That seems reasonable to protect Aaron Rodgers. A Super-Bowl ring is another reasonable goal and it seems Green Bay took a step away from winning one, not a step forward.

Historically, these moves haven’t hurt the Packers and most of the time, they have been proven right.

For the most part, I expect the same with Sitton. His years as a great guard are over, but he would have helped the Packers this season.

I just hope I am not sitting here writing about the lack of good guard play come playoff time or late in the season, cause if that’s the case, it will be a damn shame.

Sitton was on his way out after the season, that’s clear. But he deserved one more and it’s too bad that he won’t get it.



chris peterson

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Mark W.

Thompson does some damn fool thing at least once a quarter, honoring his commitment to keep reminding us that he’s a bottow dweller when it comes to NFL GM performance.

Too bad we don’t have a real owner. TT would have been history years ago. Instead he’s looting the hell out of the only NFL department store without a security system…

chris peterson

I wouldn’t go that far. His record is pretty strong. Maybe even worth HOF consideration. Seven straight playoff berths and eight in last nine years. He’s not terrible. And he’s usually been right when it comes to moving on from players.

Mohamad Johnson

WTH is Thompson thinking? Does he have next coming of Art Shell hidden on this roster that no one knows about; because the talent remaining on the squad to replace Sitton is average at best. Sitton is easily one of the best guards in the game and this year – he came into camp in the best shape of his career. So instead of playing the most dominant and durable option to protect the franchise this year and get a compensatory pick after potential superbowl, he cuts Sitton and team gets zero in return. Whomever signs Sitton, gets an immediate and huge upgrade to their line. Hope the vikings seahawks patriots giants are in a time capsule.

Bradley Vee

Surprise. Surprise. He went to the Bears. What better way to stick it to us. Thanks Ted! You could have at least tried to trade him!

chris peterson

He did try. But once teams know a guy is going to get cut, especially being backed up the deadline to get to 53 made it tough. But yes the Packers seem worse and Bears better. Not what u want.


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