Aaron Rodgers Eager for Preseason Debut

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers doesn’t really have much in the way of expectations for the Friday Game. In fact, he didn’t have much to say about the Packers, which doesn’t help NFL Sportsbook betting enthusiasts in any way.

Rodgers just wants to play a game this season, but he is ready to submit himself to the will of Coach Mike McCarthy when the Packers do battle against the San Francisco 49ers on Friday night.

McCarthy has been working the team hard for the past few weeks, making practice during training camp one hell of a struggle. He wants the best possible team to face the 49ers, and at this point, it is safe to say that Rodgers would be more of a strength than a hindrance to the team.

Rodgers seems certain that he is going to play but his instincts are no guarantee. And even if he does play, Rodgers is the first to admit that he has no idea how much time McCarthy will give him to stretch his legs.

One thing is certain: you can tell from Rodgers’ tone that he is eager to get back into the thick of things. And even taking into account the complications he has encountered in recent times, the two-time MVP quarterback has been playing professional football for more than a decade.

This is one player that doesn’t need much work to get back into the rhythm of things. Then again, Jordy Nelson’s return to the game in recent days wasn’t as smooth as he expected after a year of injuries.

McCarthy might feel compelled to throw Rodgers into the third of the Packers’ four preseason games as an audition for the season, though that is highly unlikely. At the very least, Rodgers sounds confident in his abilities, especially after two weeks of Camp.

But maybe Rodgers needs this game even more than McCarthy. McCarthy might know what Rodgers is capable of, but maybe Rodgers needs to put his own body to the test to see if he is truly ready for the new season.

Everyone agrees that if Rodgers does indeed play on Friday, it will probably be his only preseason game. And even if he doesn’t play, Rodgers, while competent as a football player, isn’t essential to the success of his team.

It isn’t like the Packers will fall apart in his absence, and Rodgers was the first to admit that the team’s offense was perfectly sufficient without him, especially with two notable additions.

At the moment, Rodgers simply wants to play. He wants to get into the tempo and to fall into his old playing habits. Based on the reports coming out of the training camp, the exertion Rodgers will encounter during the Friday Game will probably pale in comparison to the intensity of his workouts during the training camp.

If McCarthy permits him to play, Rodgers will have the opportunity to work with the newly chosen starting Center JC Tretter and veteran tight end Jared Cook.

Whether or not McCarthy and Rodgers are confident in his abilities, the Friday Game will give Packers fans a chance to see Rodgers in action again and to determine whether he is truly ready for the new season.


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