Mike McCarthy Praises Jeff Janis at Packers’ OTAs

Throughout the offseason, Jeff Janis has been a hot topic for fans of the Green Bay Packers. Many want to see him on the field much more than we did in 2015 and by the way he’s going in OTAs, that hope could come to fruition.

Following the Packers workout, which was part of their organized team activities (OTAs) Packers head coach Mike McCarthy had some positive words about the development of Janis, which seems to be a positive sign for increased playing time in 2016.

Here’s what McCarthy had to say via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

“Jeff is a big target that can go deep. I think the play he made today was really good concentration on his part, competing through the interaction with the DB and tip of the ball and keep playing. He’s a very strong wide receiver. I think that surprises people. He uses his strength and his speed.”

Of course, Janis has tremendous size and athletic ability. And as he showed that in the insane playoff performance against the Arizona Cardinals, which he caught two Hail-Mary passes on one drive. He also caught seven passes for 145 yards and two touchdowns in the game.

Once you watch those catches against the Cardinals, plus his flashes against the Chargers and Vikings last season, it’s easy to see the kind of dangerous deep threat he could become with a little consistency.

However, his limitation has been the difficult transition from sub Division-I NCAA Football to the NFL. In college, he essentially ran just two routes, a post and a go.

Through two seasons, Janis has proven he can run those routes and excel on special teams thanks to his impressive speed, but he needs to show he understands the intricacies of the offense. He also needs to get on the same page with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Once he develops that trust with Rodgers and McCarthy, the sky is the limit.

“Jeff Janis is doing a lot of good things. He just needs to continue to progress through the fundamentals of the position. Special teams he had an excellent year last year, graded out as one of our top players. I’d like to see him take that same step as a wide receiver.”

Whether Janis becomes the Packers’ No.3 wide receiver or not, there is no doubt that he’s an ascending player that with abilities that will make it difficult for McCarthy and the Packers to keep him off the field.



  • How lucky are the Packers to have a player like Janis who could be a pro bowler as a special teams player. Also,they have to work him into the perimeter receiving corps. So what if he can only run go routes and doesn’t know the entire receiving tree of routes.He’s strong and will go up and get the ball with good hands. Not to mention having 4.3 speed. GO PACK GO!!!

    • Yes, Janis has shown plenty of potential. He has struggled a little bit in camp though. He just hadn’t made a ton of plays. He is great on special teams and that will likely keep his roster spot, but he’s not doing himself any favors if he wants to become a regular part of the passing game.

  • The Packers not having a WR coach last season really hurt young WR’s like Janis, Abby, and Adams. Three 2nd year WR’s WITHOUT a position coach was clearly one of the dumbest moves McCarthy had made. There’s just too much to learn and for a team like the Packers who always count on their draft choices making that 2nd year jump not having an actual position coach. Janis will make some noise this year because things will begin to slow way down for him. Adams will be a better version of jones, I really believe that because he’ll have coaching this year, and Abby is the best route runner not named Nelson. The one I’m watching is Montgomery. We saw just a fraction of what MM had planned for Monty. This offense can be every bit as good as 2011’s and 2014’s

  • We Janisites welcome a fair & open competition for the WR3 spot. It’s time to dispel the myths that Jeff is a 1-trick pony (deep routes), can only run a couple of patterns, or is stiff-hipped. His 40-yd dash time isn’t even his most impressive combine score. His 10-yd split time (1.47 sec.) is more eye-popping–no other WRs anywhere near Jeff’s size and weight can match this kind of acceleration and quickness. His agility scores (3-cone & 20-yd short shuttle) were also phenomenal for one so big and strong–these tests are predictive of one’s ability to run routes and achieve separation from DBs. Jeff ran great routes of all types vs. the Cardinals, which was merely the tip of the iceberg of what he can do if given the chance.

    • Yes he will make the roster and I think he has a very good chance to be the third wr or at least get consistent targets.

    • Robster, I kind of think Rodgers isn’t ready to embrace Janis as a potential starter in this offense ’cause Jordy’s contract ends in two years and Thompson’s not likely to resign a 33-34 yr old WR with a speedy replacement waiting. I’m sure he’d love to see Jordy finish career in GB, a speedy replacement in Janis might prevent that–yeah, Jordy’s on of my favorite players but I also think Janis deserves an opportunity to play regardless if Jordy’s resigned or not. You can’t buy or teach SPEED and Janis is Pack’s fastest WR with Jordy, Montgomery and rookie Davis chasing him. At some point especially in an important game, McCarthy’s gonna have to CRANK UP offense to pull out a win, with Janis, Jordy, and Montgomery on the field with Cobb–it can’t get any better than that to challenge defense.

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