Packers UDFA Marquise Williams in Fight for 3rd QB Job

While the Green Bay Packers will have many more roster moves to make this summer, one that occurred recently was the release of quarterback Ryan Williams and the signing of Marquise Williams, another quarterback.

And no, the fact that both of their last names are Williams is not a typo. The Packers literally just released one Williams at quarterback, for another.

The reasoning behind the move is hard to say, other than the Packers have something they like about Marquise more than they have found in Ryan, who was with the Packers in training camp last season, but did not make the roster.

Marquise Williams, is a unique player to say the least. He’s big, mobile and athletic and during his two and a half seasons starting at North Carolina, he put up huge numbers.

As a passer, Williams completed better than 61 percent of his passes, while throwing for a total of 7,961 yards to go along with 61 touchdowns, compared to 29 interceptions. He also threw for more than 3,000 yards in both his junior and senior seasons.

Williams also rushed for 2,564 and scored 38 touchdowns, while averaging 5.2 yards per carry (college quarterback rushing numbers also include sacks just as a side note), which is impressive. Williams shows good mobility in the pocket and the ability to escape might be one of his better attributes.

Outside of that, he doesn’t do much that wows you. He has solidĀ arm strength, but his accuracy, at least in terms of NFL accuracy, leaves much to be desired, at least on a consistent basis.

(Here’s a video of Williams vs South Carolina)

As you can see, Williams does have some raw talent, he’s simply inconsistent and sometimes careless with his decision-making, which led to 10 interceptions last season.

One thing about the Packers and head coach Mike McCarthy is that they do exceedingly well developing quarterbacks, although there isn’t a strong record of doing anything in UDFA’s.

Yet, at this point, Williams is nothing more than a developmental quarterback. He has virtually no chance of unseating Brett Hundley as the backup. His fight is going to be for the third quarterback job. That’s his ceiling for this season at least.

Most likely, Williams will be nothing more than a camp arm. He will likely see the field in the preseason this August, but will need to impress if he’s going to work his way onto the practice squad by the end of training camp.

chris peterson

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“They do exceedingly well developing quarterbacks”? That’s a dubious comment at best. Outside of Matt Flynn, McCarthy’s QB camp hasn’t produced a SINGLE QB that’s competing in the league and McCarthy’s QB camp had little to do with Rodgers talent. Craig Nall, BJ Coleman, Brian Brohm, Ingle Martin, Graham Harrell–ANY ring a bell? They were ALL coached by McCarthy and NONE ever played as a starter in NFL despite being coached by McCarthy. McCarthy had Scott Tolzien on the roster and he basically flopped as an emergency starter after Rodgers was injured and #2 QB Seneca Wallace was also injured, leading to Matt Flynn being resigned by GB. Ya’ll can crow about Brett Hundley but most of his production in his last college season was with 10 yds of line of scrimmage, he’s not played a single season game to judge real talent vs. starting defenses.

chris peterson

Of all the quarterbacks you mentioned in your list, only Brohm was an early pick. The rest were 7th Rd or undrafted. Nall started his career years before MM got there. Watch Rodgers in 2005 and 2006 preseason, he didn’t look good. He wasn’t ready. MM developed him. NFL people talk about his ability with QBs. The fact that he couldn’t take a bunch of undrafted guys off the scrap heap doesn’t mean anything.


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