Packers: Josh Sitton Slims Down Like Eddie Lacy

Green Bay Packers fans have been a little obsessed with Eddie Lacy’s weight loss recently, but it turns out he wasn’t the only player dropping significant poundage this offseason, the other is guard Josh Sitton.

Sitton, who is set to become a free agent after the 2016 season, said that he has lost 20 pounds since the end of last season, which has dropped his weight from around 325, to about 305. The motivation behind losing weight is simple, the three-time Pro-Bowl selection wants to practice more.

“Usually I don’t share what a player says to me, but this is really impressive: When he came back at that weight, his response to me was, ‘I need to practice more,’” Packers offensive line coach James Campen said via Rob Demovsky of “That tells you about a guy.

“He didn’t say, ‘I want to play five years longer.’ He said, ‘I want to practice more, and this is going to allow me to practice more.”

Sitton hasn’t missed a start since 2011, but just because he finds a way to play, doesn’t mean he’s healthy. Injuries to his ankles and back have hindered him the past few seasons and in particular, the back injury has prevented him from participating in practice as much as he’d like.

The long-time starter at guard for the Packers, who turns 30 next month, said his age was a factor and that it’s harder to carry extra weight the older you get.

Yet, Packers fans don’t need to worry about Sitton being too light for the regular season, as he said he plans on adding 10 pounds or so before the season starts to get back in the 315 range. However, he said he was going to do it by eating healthy.

“I’ve always played at a certain weight, and I’m not going to alter that too much,” Sitton said. “I’ll probably play at five to eight pounds lighter this year, maybe, but it’s not going to be anything drastic.”

While Sitton indicates the his only reason for losing weight was football, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers thinks there may be another motive.

“He looks pretty svelte doesn’t he?” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said after Tuesday’s practice. “He looks great. I’m happy for him. He’s in a contract year. He came back looking really good. He’s also getting married, so he probably wanted to look good in those wedding pictures, too.”

Whatever the reason, if Sitton’s weight loss allows him to get on the practice field more, that can only help him play better on Sunday’s, which is a good thing for Rodgers, Lacy and the entire Green Bay offense.



  • I think the Packers offensive line will be very good. Not sure if it will be better than the group in Dallas, but if they all stay healthy, it could be very close. The group was oustanding in 2014. But there is more depth and talent on the offensive line than probably any time in the last 15-20 years.

  • This 2016 offensive line of the Packers should be without a doubt the BEST OL IN THE NFC.

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