Jared Cook is in Awe of Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Vince Young, Kerry Collins, Nick Foles, Sam Bradford, Austin Davis, Matt Hasslebeck, Jake Locker, Case Keenum and Kellen Clemens. Those are all quarterbacks that have thrown Jared Cook the football during his NFL career. But now that’s he a member of the Green Bay Packers, he will be fortunate enough to catch passes from Aaron Rodgers.

Cook, who is entering his eighth season in the NFL, is hungry for two things the Packers can give him: An elite, MVP quarterback and a chance to play in his first-ever playoff game.

“I’ve never even been to a playoff game in eight years,” said Cook, whose St. Louis and Tennessee teams had a combined 49-63 record in his career. “So that was definitely a green light, just to be able to cap off a season for a reason on why you start the season, and that’s for the big trophy that you hold up at the end. That’s for the ring that you put on your finger, and do it with guys that would sacrifice everything that you sacrificed for.”

Cook’s teams have never made the postseason and despite him posting four seasons of more than 500 yards receiving in each of the last four years and doing so with little help at the quarterback position, some have still labeled him as a bust or a player that cannot be counted on.

Yet, when you look at his production, it tells a different story. In his last five seasons, one with Tennessee and four in St. Louis, Cook averaged 47 receptions a season for 613 yards. He only averaged just above three touchdowns a season, but he also missed only three games in that same stretch.

However, Cook’s production didn’t translate to success for his teams, especially in the win column. But when you play with average quarterbacks, most of the time, you aren’t going anywhere. So if you want one reason why Cook came to Green Bay — it’s Rodgers.

“This place sells itself,” Cook said to Packersnews.com. “I’ve always been a fan of Aaron’s. They play late-night games on our flights back, so we used to always see (the Packers) play. Just to see the types of throws that he makes, and now that I’m here to see it in person and practices is even more incredible.

“I find myself sometimes still in awe of some of the things he does. He didn’t have to sell me at all, man.”

While Cook isn’t the only person in awe of Rodgers and his ability to do incredible things throwing the football, as far as the Packers are concerned, there is plenty to be excited about with Cook as well.

Here is what head coach McCarthy said also to Packersnews.com about Cook following the first day of organized team activities.

“Very, very athletic,” McCarthy said. “I think any time, if you’re just talking purely throwing the football and you’ve got big targets that can move like he does, he’s been an excellent addition. He’s been everything we thought he would be. He’s done a great job of learning the new language, and he looks to get more and more comfortable each time we line up.”

Cook is a talented specimen and despite being labeled as an underachiever before coming to Green Bay, he’s an impact player and one that wants to win. And with Rodgers as his quarterback, he will get the chance to do just that.



  • To quantify Jared’s athleticism, player profiler.com rates him among his tight end peers at these percentiles: height-adjusted speed, 96th; burst, 98th; and catch radius, 97th. His agility percentile is only 24th, but TEs aren’t selected on that basis. His blocking ratings for 2015 according to Pro Football Focus were above average, and way above Richard Rodgers’s numbers. Along with Janis, whose athleticism ratings are even better than Jared’s, I would argue that the Pack now has the two most athletic skills players on the roster since the start of NFL combine testing.

    • Thanks for the info. That’s good stuff. Yea Cook is a great athlete. And he looks good now. With Rodgers he could have a great year. Im sure Aaron is happy with him and the seven good receivers they have.

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