Davante Adams Opens Eyes at Packers’ OTAs

It’s always hard to know exactly what you can learn from organized team activities in the NFL, but as the Green. Bay Packers wrapped up their first day Tuesday, one thing that stood out was the performance of Davante Adams.

Adams, a second-round pick in the 2014 NFL draft, struggled last season for the Packers and has been a target of much fan criticism.

Some have even suggested that Adams would not be able to keep his spot on the Packers’ 53-man roster this season.

Tuesday, Adams responded to those critiques on the field for the first time this year and according to head coach Mike McCarthy and local media, it was a success.

Multiple sources described Adams looking not only bigger and stronger, but also healthy. In short, like his old self.

Adams has always had strong hands and been a good catcher of the football, before he struggled some in that area last season. Yet, in what was possibly the play of the day, Adams caught a 50-yard touchdown pass, in traffic, from Aaron Rodgers.

OTAs don’t mean much, but the fact that Adams has put together a good offseason is a positive sign. A year ago, I thought he was a breakout player and still believe he is capable of being that and turning into a very good third receiver.

Adams will certainly need to keep putting his best foot forward if he wants to fend off the likes of Jeff Janis, Jared Abbrederis, Trevor David and Ty Montgomery. But if Tuesday was any indication, he’s off to a very good start.


  • WHEN I see him catching a ball in the end zone like Janis and Rodgers then I start having confidence in him again until then there are four others I will put in front of him Janis (Montgomery Abbideris) and Davis only because of the hype and he hasn’t broken my heart by having a ball go though his hands seven times

    • I would still put him above those guys. Look at the game he had against Dallas in the playoffs two years ago. He can play. But so can those others. Will be a great competition.

  • Davante Adams career stats at Fresno State were off the charts. Derek Carr and Adams connected for over 30 TD passes in his senior year alone.I truly believe Rodgers will utilize Adams more in the offense this season.Jordy will command double coverage most of the time making Adams a bigger target. He just has to build that trust a QB and receiver must have and that takes place now and in training camp.Here’s hoping for a healthy season for all our WRs and an offense that will unstoppable.I can’t wait to see Jared Cook added to the mix. Rodgers should have an MVP year.

    • Yes he did and he had a great rookie season. He got hurt last year and that really bogged him down. You could tell he wasn’t right. He played better in the last two games and got hurt again. But I like him. Still think he’s the 3WR. Janis, Abby, Monty will get their chances, Davis too, I think they should keep 7. Who u gonna let go? But I agree with Jordy back he’s gets singled up more and has a bounce back year.

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