Packers: Don Barclay is a Long Shot for the 53-Man Roster

Few things that Ted Thompson does surprises Green Bay Packers fans anymore, but the whole Packers world was startled somewhat by the re-signing of offensive lineman Don Barclay.

Barclay, who played in 16 games for the Packers and started five in 2015, was awful last season. Just awful.

The former rookie free agent from West Virginia missed missed the 2014 season due to injury and it was obvious that, at least last season, Barclay was not the same player he used to be.

However, in Thompson’s defense, the one-year deal he signed Barclay too is surely a minimum contract with little or no guaranteed money. And from Thompson’s perspective, it’s not a terrible one.

You need to bring 90 guys to training camp anyways, so why not keep Barclay around and give him one more offseason and one more training camp to see if he can figure it out again.

If he still stinks in camp and in the preseason, then cut him and move on. It’s not going to cost any real money unless he makes the 53-man roster. But, if he does get back to his old self, maybe you could get a solid backup on the offensive line for next season.

Maybe the Packers will give him a shot at guard, especially now that they know J.C. Tretter can play tackle in a pinch.

The truth is that the Packers are a little weak on the offensive line after the top six or seven guys. I believe they will address that in the draft, it might not be the mid or late rounds, but Thompson will add some big bodies, I can assure you that.

The move to re-sign Barclay may seem strange given how terrible he was last season, but a low-risk move that could net a decent backup isn’t a bad one to make. Especially when it comes at a position where the beat is a bit thin.

Barclay was bad last season, but his fall clearly had something to do with his health, maybe he can get himself right physically and get back to being the player he used to be. If he does, it’d be great for the Packers, if not — no harm, no foul.


  • Tretter did a damn fine job playing tackle we need to keep him. He could be a very high priced back up that would be worth the money. Way way way better than Barcaly

    • Yes he did. He is a good player. McCarthy basically said he is good enough to be a starter, he views him as a starter, even though he’s not. He is probably the top backup at all five positions cause he can play all five spots. He, Sitton, Lang and Bak are all free agents after this year. Be interesting to see if he is one of the guys they keep. I could see him be a starting guard for the next five years. We will see. Great luxury to have right now though.

  • He never was a great player.Thompson should’ve gotten rid of him years back,when he might have gotten something for him.

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