Packers: 5 Free Agent Tight Ends Green Bay Should Explore

Year after year, the Green Bay Packers have a lot of cap room. They are smart, they re-sign their own players, often times to cheaper deals and they rarely mistakenly give out a bad contract.

Entering the 2016 off-season, the Packers are going to have $23.8 million at their disposal and that’s after re-signing Mike Daniels and Letroy Guion. B.J. Raji and Casey Hayward are free agents, as is James Jones, but none of those players are must keeps.

Therefore, the Packers actually have quite a bit of room. Sure, they may want to save some to extend the contracts of current players such as David Bakhtiari, Green Bay’s starting left tackle that has one year left on his deal.

However, that alone may not be enough to get the Packers over the hump. Green Bay is good at drafting yes, but it would be nice to see the Packers add a veteran or two capable of starting right away. One position that is definitely in need of some new blood is tight end.

Here are five tight ends the Packers should consider signing this off-season.

LaDarius Green –

I have always liked Green and would like him even more in a Green Bay uniform. He’s not much of a blocker, but he’s a big target and he’s a talented pass-catcher. He may not be good enough to start, but if he and Richard Rodgers were splitting snaps, that wouldn’t be a bad situation for Green Bay.

Coby Fleener –

There isn’t a ton of pub surrounding Fleener right now, but he may be as good as any free agent tight end on the market. He is more of an old-school two-way tight end, which is something I think would be appealing to Green Bay, especially cause Rogers is a below-average blocker. Fleener caught 54 passes for 491 yards and three touchdowns in 2015 and he has over 2,100 receiving yards in his career and 17 touchdowns. He would be a definite upgrade but might cost the most money.

Benjamin Watson –

After not posting a season with 500 yards receiving since 2012, Watson broke out in New Orleans in 2015, hauling in 74 passes for 825 yards and six touchdowns. Watson is 35, which could be a major deterrent, yet, he looked like he was in his prime last season. Guys like this are dangerous and in the end, he will probably want too much money. But, over the past two years, he was more of a blocking tight end and with the receiving skills he showed he still had last year, he may be a solid two-way tight end for another year or two and he could certainly stretch the middle of the field much better than Rodgers.

Vernon Davis –

The Packers like to look for bargains and one player that could offer great value in free agency this year is Vernon Davis. The 32-year old former Pro Bowler only caught 18 passes in 2015 and hasn’t looked like himself in the past couple of years. Yet, even though he has struggled the past three years, it has been mostly due to injury and he has still averaged close to 10 yards per reception. If the Packers get lucky and Davis stays healthy, he could prove to be a steal. He would look good catching passes from Aaron Rodgers and should have been if the Packers hadn’t foolishly passed on him for A.J. Hawk in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Dwayne Allen –

Allen is another Colts’ tight end that is getting ready to hit the market and he is doing so after an injury-riddled campaign. Allen, who is just 24 years old, played in 12 games for Indy last season and caught 16 passes for 109 yards and one TD. However, he has a season with over 500 yards receiving and another with 395. He also has 13 career touchdowns. He is young and still has upside. He has a career yards per reception average of 11.6. This past season Rodgers averaged 8.8 for the Packers and that was with a hail-mary touchdown. There is some risk factor with Allen and his blocking is only average, but there could be a big payoff for what would likely be a meager investment.


  • Maybe Ted gets off not taking free agents -tight ass yes, but also he gets notice. Oh, look at me, I did it again what a genius I am for not taking guys who can come in and help right away but were going to draft bums and develope them. Ya how about drafting some guys with speed. Rollins and Randle lack cover speed thus they were available to the packers. Had these guys been good, they would not have been around in the late part of the rounds.

  • The Packers need to either draft Hunter Henry or be plagued with the same issues at TE again. Either give up our first round pick and draft Henry in the second before he gets away.TT will not reach for a player and drafts solely by the way his board is set up and tells him to draft.We have Aaron Rodgers for God’s sake,this offense could be so dominant that if our defense plays like last year we shouldn’t lose a game this season.Sign the players needed to be retained on defense and get the ILB who will start on opening day early in the draft. Then OFFENSE,OFFENSE,OFFENSE.OL,WR,TE,RB. Did you see our schedule for 2016? DOMINATION COMES TO MIND!!!!!Peppers wants a ring He led the team in sacks with 10 and a half at 36 years old.Moving Clay back outside he should have 15 at least.Love Scooby Wright at ILB. Guy has a big motor. Can’t wait to see what he would do between the Claymaker and Peppers. GO PACK GO!!!!! Make this a draft to remember!!!!!

    • If genious Ted had not drafted poorly R Rogers, really. we wouldn’t be talking about trying to make up for that mess. Other teams are filling a need here a need there but Ted has an army of guys leaving each year because he is terrible at contracts.

  • Fleener is not a 2 way TE. He’s purely a pass receiver which is why Indy starts Allen, since he is a 2 way TE. But Fleener is the type of TE that would REALLY help the Packers. He’s fast enough to run the seam and in general is an outstanding receiving TE. Don’t count on him to block much, a la Finley, but he would be a huge upgrade over R. Rodgers.

    SD has Gates and Green, but I don’t think they will put alot of resources into Gates, so I expect Green will be the priority of th Chargers to extend. Fleener would be the only one of the TE mentioned after Green that the Packer should consider.

    • All this talk about picking up FA’s from other teams. TT will not do it!! Not Forte, Fleener, or ANYONE! What he will do is overpay for our own FA mediocraties, if he can!!! his why this team getting worse-not better. He is love w himself and HIS draft picks !!

      • See my point is that if you believe he is good enough to start somewhere (I don’t) do you want to get rid of him? Hundley is talented, but raw. Do you feel he can win games right now? If he builds on what he did and makes a bigger jump, then yes maybe he can. We all know how one injury to a QB can ruin a season. The Packers owe it to themselves to treat backup QB with importance and that’s why I don’t think it’s that easy. The Packers are still one of 5-10 teams capable of winning the super bowl. They are getting Nelson back. The sky is not falling. But honestly I think he will look at tight end because they were so weak at that position.

      • Just STHU… Thompson signed Woodson, Pickett, Peppers and others. Packers had a tough year in ’15 due to injuries decimating the offensive firepower!!! Thompson has as many SB trophys as Wolf does!!! Thompson doesn’t have an ego to speak of. He called Favre when he was playing in Minn to offer his congrats on the great season he had. You need to get your head examined and screwed on straight!!!

        Its a matter of philosophies. There isn’t a right or wrong and Thompson’s brought a SB to GB!!!

        See I can use alot of exclamation points to!!!! Let us know when you want to have an informed opinion and I’ll give it to you!!!

      • I have this team doing poorly next year. This is not a talented football team. Sadly the stars on the team are starting to show there age not their youth.

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