John Kuhn: Why the Green Bay Packers Must Re-Sign Him

There are some players, on every championship team that contribute more than their statistics might lead you to believe. John Kuhn of the Green Bay Packers is one of those players.

Kuhn is a fullback for the Packers and has been part of the organization going back to 2006. And in those 10 years he has become one of the organizations most effective and beloved role players.

Kuhn is a three-time Pro Bowler and a one-tine NFL All-Pro. Yet, he barely has more than 1,000 total yards from scrimmage — in 2015 he had just 84.

However, his presence is truly hard to measure — you just know from watching the games that when he is on the field, he makes an impact.

Kuhn is an outstanding blocker both in the running game and in the passing game. Aaron Rodgers is always talking about how comfortable he feels having Kuhn out there with him. He’s reliable and he’s hard-nosed and he does the little things that help you win football games.

Throughout this career, he has also done a spectacular job of picking up first downs in short yardage situations on both third and fourth downs.

Sure the Packers have Aaron Ripkowski a younger version of Kuhn that definitely packs a punch.Yet at the end of the day with all he does on special teams and the calm that he brings to the offense, it’s hard not to see Green Bay bringing back the free agent-to be on a one-year deal.

There is no doubt that Kuhn deserves another deal from Green Bay and if you need proof look at his play during the NFL playoffs. The Packers offense finally got going and not so coincidentally –it started happening when Kuhn was on the field more.

At the end of the day, Kuhn is a glue guy and those are the kinds of guys are what every championship team needs which means Green Bay would be smart to keep him in the fold for 2016.

chris peterson

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chris peterson

That’s true. I still think he is a solid contributor though on offense and special teams. I would like to see him back for another year. I don’t think his skills have declned much. He’s a great blocker, good on special teams and is a good veteran presence on a team without many of those.


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