Green Bay Packers Should Invest in Nick Perry

The Green Bay Packers aren’t known for spending money in free agency. But they do have a history or re-signing their own players which is what they should do in the case of Nick Perry.

Perry was a first-round pick of the Packers back in 2012 and since that time the former USC product has had some ups and some downs. His biggest problem has been his inability to stay healthy, but when he has been on the field he has flashed potential.

In 46 career regular season games, he has 12.5 sacks and five forced fumbles. He also has 100 total tackles and has shown throughout his career that he can do an effective job of setting the edge against the run.

The interesting thing about Perry is that for some reason, he has always played his best in the playoffs. In five postseason games, he has six sacks and 21 tackles, including 3.5 sacks in two games in the 2016 playoffs.

Right now, the Packers have some questions marks at the outside linebacker position. Head coach Mike McCarthy did say he wants to move Clay Matthews back outside, but we also have no idea whether or not Julius Peppers will return next season.

And with Mike Neal set to become a free agent just like Perry, the Packers could be in jeopardy of losing three of their top four players at the position.

That’s what I am advocating for Green Bay to re-sign Perry. He’s still young at just 25 years old (he will be 26 in April) and his prime years are still in front of him.

There is no question that he is talented enough to be a solid starter in the 3-4 and at worse he is reliable situational pass rusher that can also hold up against the run. Of course, these things usually come down to money and if Thompson wants to keep him he will likely need to shell out a contract that averages around $5 million annually.

Yet in a game that is dominated by pass rushers, you can never have enough of them and if the Packers keep Perry, they will help maintain one of the league’s best pass rushes for next season.


  • I agree that Perry finally showed the value we all expected in the 2nd half of this season and if he can continues to play at that level a contract of about 5 Mil per year might be the right amount. The problem I have with this, is that the 2nd half of this season comes after 3.5 years of disappointment and he has already earned at least $5 million more than what we’ve gotten out of him. That 100 tackles would be nice if it were for a season, but not so much for a career. Only the Packers know if the Perry we saw in the 2nd half of 2015 is the one we’ll get going forward or if we’d be getting the underachiever we had for the 1st 3.5 seasons. I’m not sure that this guy deserves a raise, he still owes us from past season disappointments.

    • I agree with Mark. Had there been any real chance of an extension Thompson would have added the year to his rookie contract before this season’s deadline, that is how he operates. Perry is better suited for the DE position in the 4-3 defense, he anchors better than any current Packer on the side he plays and his bull rush is hard to handle. However, you have to be available to play and he has not shown he can be counted on game to game. He started a bad trend by Thompson, drafting someone who played in college with their hand down and moving them to a stand up LB position (he – Neal – and now Datone Jones), two are #1 picks and all are high picks and none of them has played or look like they will play to their draft status.

      • I agree with that you are saying and for the most part you are right about Thompson with a few notable exceptions. Randall Cobb played out his rookie contract and did not sign an extension until hours before free agency. Bryan Bulaga did the same thing so did Sam Shields and that was all within the last couple of years. Mike Neal was the same way. James Jones is another that comes to mind. Those last two players were on the free agent market before re-signing. With a player like Perry I think Thompson is essentially going to set his price. The Packers will assign him a certain value and if he gets a lot more somewhere else — my guess is that they try to re-up Mike Neal who is older and might come a little bit cheaper.

        I disagree with you on Mike Neal — I think there are many 3-4 teams that would love to have him or Perry as their starting outside linebacker. Maybe not the No. 1 but as the No. 2. He has 18 sacks over the last four seasons and is solid against the run. He was a late second round pick and has give GB four good seasons that is decent value to me. Perry has disappointed but more because of injuries than anything else. And Jones turned into one of the better players on the defensive line at the end of the year and also saw time as a 3-4 rusher which means to me he is the first option to replace both Neal and Perry as the third OLB if they both leave via free agency.

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