Packers Need More Datone Jones

There were few Green Bay Packers that played well in Denver last Sunday. One who did was defensive end Datone Jones.

Jones, a former first-round pick in 2013, was expected to be an impact player when selected out of UCLA, but through two seasons he was injured a lot and ordinary.

But this season something has clicked for Jones. He’s playing mostly in nickel situations and used often as a pass rusher from the defensive tackle spot.

And in that role, Jones has done very well. In terms of pressures and tackles for loss, Jones is making an impact play every 11.2 snaps, which is the best mark of any Green Bay defensive lineman.

Yet curiously, Jones played less than 20 snaps against Denver despite notching two tackles for loss.

The Packers do have depth on the defensive line with Mike Daniels, B.J. Raji, Mike Pennell and Letroy Guion but if Jones is playing this well maybe it’s time to let him try doing the same thing just with more snaps.

With some players, less is more. But Jones is a well conditioned athlete and he’s explosive. He’s starting to make the splash plays his career has been lacking on a much more consistent basis.

The other thing about Jones is that he is one of the few defensive lineman the Packers have under contract beyond this season, and if Daniels demands too much money this offseason, knowing whether or not Jones can handle consistent snaps would be good.

As the old saying goes you can never have enough pass rushers and it looks like the Packers have found another. It just took two years later than expected.


  • Datone Jones is fantastic! Anybody who is willing throw out a player who is playing at the level he was drafted at because he didn’t play at level right out of the gate is a fucking retard and has already bought oceanfront property in Arizona.

    • I agree Arthur. He is showing a lot of improvement. Sometimes, especially with def lineman it takes a couple years. He was also hindered by injuries as rookie and last season. But even so he had 3.5 sacks as a rookie in 2013. Id love to see him on the field even more.

      • We can play the what if game and say DeAndre Hopkins who was picked next by the Texans would look really good, but he was a second round projection by most. The guy I had pegged for the Pack was Slyvester Williams who would have been nice, but those guys are what if….I remember many fans were pissed off about not getting Lacey with that first pick and TT got him anyway. Then many others were convinced Margus Hunt was going to be the next JPP (the sacks not the blowing off the fingers).

  • Datone Jones was a horrible pick in the first place. A third rounder at best and even then way too expensive. He has failed miserably to live up to a one pick. He is always hurt and when he game is off, you can bet he finds something wrong with him.
    Anyone waiting for this guy to show up after three years, should be buying oceanfront property in Arizona.

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