Packers: Why Green Bay Must Beat Carolina

Just a few days ago, the Green Bay Packers were one of the NFL’s last remaining undefeated teams. Now, after a terrible loss, they could be one loss away from losing the stronghold they seemingly once had on the NFC North Division.

Yes one loss is just one loss. But after a 19-point beat down at the hands of the Broncos, the NFL schedule makers did the Packers no favors this week as they visit the Carolina Panthers, the last unbeaten team in the NFC.

Currently the Packers are just one game from having the best record in the conference, but one loss could put Green Bay into a battle for the division title that was not previously anticipated.

The Minnesota Vikings, who are now 5-2 are in the playoff hunt and a Green Bay loss against Carolina plus a Minnesota win over St. Louis would create a tie atop the North. Making matters worse is the fact that the Packers play the Vikes on the road in two weeks, which would be their third road trip in four weeks. So after Carolina, things don’t get easier.

The Packers also still have road dates with Arizona and Oakland, so if they are going to win the division and make the playoffs comfortably, they would do well to win this weekend over the Panthers.

Otherwise, the NFC North race may get much more interesting, much sooner than people expected. And the home field advantage that once seemed so certain to go to Green Bay would suddenly become far from a sure thing.

chris peterson

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I would normally agree that this is a big game for that almighty home field advantage but the problem, the packers will not be in position to gain that, it will be the Vikings who win the NFC North not the Packers. Packers may be a wild card and will travel.


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