Packers Must Speed Up to Improve Stagnant Offense

It’s sometimes hard to understand at the time, but occasionally getting your butt kicked can be a good thing.

And hopefully, in the long run, some good will come from the Green Bay Packers’ 29-10 drubbing at the hands of the Denver Broncos Sunday night.

Of course Green Bay didn’t want to lose, but maybe it needed to. The Packers offense has struggled for weeks and after last night’s debacle, maybe the coaching staff will finally realize that things need to change.

Coming into last night, the Packers ranked just 23rd in passing offense in the NFL and the offense was mortal to say the least against both the Chargers and Rams. Yet, after a bye week, nothing had changed and Green Bay was hampered by the same old problems.

The wide receivers are struggling to beat man coverage and defenses have caught onto to Aaron Rodgers out of pocket improvisations.

The return of Davante Adams was supposed to help, but he still doesn’t look right. James Jones is struggling and Randall Cobb has looked ordinary.

And part of the problem, to me, has been a lack of tempo.

Green Bay has always been one of the better no huddle teams in the league under Rodgers and with nothing going right on offense, a change of pace is needed.

Head coach Mike McCarthy and play-caller Tom Clements need to run more bunch sets, they need to get Jeff Janis on the field more and they to get back to running an up-tempo offense.

Rodgers doesn’t look like he’s in a rhythm and in the past, the no huddle has helped him find one.

When Ty Montgomery returns, the Packers have to get him on the field to utilize his speed. With Him and Adams back in the fold, some of the pressure on Cobb will be alleviated or better matchups will be found across the board.

The Packers also need to get back to running the football and the play-action passing game. But more than anything Rodgers needs a shot in the arm and the no huddle offense can do that quicker than anything else. It gets Rodgers going, gets good matchups and puts pressure on defenses.

Whatever happens, Green Bay must know that change is needed along with urgency, which hopefully will come after last night’s loss and could be the one positive to come from such a one-sided defeat.

chris peterson

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People have short memories especially packer fans. Last year they went into KC undefeated and got there ass handed to them. Rogers had two early interceptions and went into his shell, holding the ball looking for the perfect pass and getting sacked doing it while KC put up staggeing passing numbers. Thus last nights debacle is not a first for this team. Teams that pass pass pass on the Packers out the game and gang rush Rogers win with ease and humiliate this team because they will not change modus operandum under Mike M who is a one and only one trick poney.


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