Jeff Janis Could Be Answer to Packers’ Big-Play Problem

For the past two seasons, Jeff Janis has been a bit of a folk hero in Green Bay. But now, with their offense struggling, Janis needs to make his potential a reality.

Last night in Denver, the Packers were destroyed by the Broncos 29-10 in a game that showed just how much Green Bay misses Jordy Nelson.

Green Bay could barely pick up a first down, let alone make a big play. Aaron Rodgers threw for 77 yards and was disturbingly ordinary.

And since Nelson isn’t walking through that door anytime soon, the next best choice to reintroduce the big pass play in Green Bay may be Janis.

The former Division II talent is built somewhat like Nelson and he also runs 4.4 like Nelson. And two weeks ago, in a win over the Chargers, Janis hit not one, but two big plays for the Packers. He can stretch the field, something that’s lacking and that’s why he needs more opportunitties.

After catching passes for 40 yards and 39 yards against San Diego, Janis was MIA against Denver.

Green Bay desperately needs someone who can stretch the field and even though he’s still raw, Janis would be worth a shot. Davante Adams has struggled and Ty Montgomery is hurt again.

Both players have big-play potential and when both Montgomery and Adams get back to 100 percent and produce that may alleviate a lot of what has ailed the Green Bay offense. But until then, Green Bay can’t afford to sit back and wait.

The Packers offense has to adjust and soon and one of those adjustments should be running more 4-WR sets and putting Janis on the field more in an effort to bring the big play, once a staple of the Packers offense, back to Green Bay.

chris peterson

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I think the reason he aint playin is Rogers doesn’t like the guy and I think the reason for that is Janis can’t learn the playbook after two years and runs the wrong routes, Its the only reason I can attest to having a speedster receiver who is 6’3 and sits on the bench while others receivers are hurt or struggling.


No “I” in TEAM, doesn’t make any difference what Rodgers thinks, TEAM comes first and if Janis can get deep to stretch press coverage on the WR’s, Packers NEED to try it. How hard can it be for Rodgers on 3rd and long to launch the long bomb to team’s fastest receiver to stretch defense? IF it’s INT’d, its no different than a punt except in record book or unless defense gets a long return-which shouldn’t happen with their fastest man and special teams player involved. Rodgers sprinted downfield to congratulate Janis on the long pass to Janis in Chargers game as well as the shovel pass that Janis ran for 29 yds. I DON’T think it’s Janis, I think McCarthy doesn’t have faith in Janis or Abbrederis enough to depend on ’em even as Adams hasn’t shown anything and Montgomery’s still out. Get over it or watch team fail without better production and some new ideas.


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