Aaron Rodgers: What He Needs to be Greatest QB in NFL History

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. There is no argument or debate about that. The question is what does Rodgers need to do to become the greatest quarterback in the history of the National Football League.

The Answer: Win. Super Bowls.

Of course Rodgers already has one to his credit and along with it is an incredible resume: 2 MVP awards, 4 division titles, 6 playoff appearances in 7 seasons starting, highest passer rating in NFL history, highest touchdown-to-interception ratio in NFL history by a WIDE margin.

Arod has also won 68% of his starts and has an impressive 72-33 record. Over the last six years, it’s even better at 66-23, which is winning at a 75 percent clip — and over 16 games that equals 12 wins a year. Pretty impressive.

The TD/INT ratio is particularly impressive — stunning in fact. Tom Brady, who has the 2nd best ratio of all-time at 2.79, is more than a full touchdown behind Rodgers, whose ratio is 4.05. That means for every INT Rodgers throws 4 TDs, Brady throws under 3.

With 231, Rodgers is already 28th in touchdown passes and 48th in passing yards with a good 8-10 years left in his career with 5-7 more, at least in his prime.

The point is that by the end of his career Rodgers’ stats and winning percentage will be off the charts. And he does at least have one title, but with guys like Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana holding four super bowl rings, Rodgers needs at least one or two to be called the GOAT.

But that doesn’t mean he isn’t playing better now than any quarterback ever has. That’s at least what some scouts and head coach Mike McCarthy have said.

Some pundits even are already calling him the best to ever do it.

But to me, Rodgers isn’t their yet. He still has work to do and that work is brining another Lombardi Trophy or two back to title town. But if he does, there can be little doubt, that one day he will wear the title of best quarterback in NFL history.

chris peterson

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