Packers, Aaron Rodgers Conquer Seahawks, Prove to be NFC’s Best

9-9, 91 yards and a touchdown. One huge victory. All around, not a bad night for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Last year in Seattle it was Russell Wilson that registered the come from behind win. Last night in Green Bay it was Rodgers.

The Packers only trailed by one in the fourth quarter and never by more than four. But as Rodgers took the offense on the field early in the fourth quarter it felt like do or die time. More like touchdown or lose.

By then, the Packers had kicked enough field goals. Three to be exact and field goals don’t beat the Seahawks. So, Rodgers got a touchdown.

The 2014 MVP proved why he should be the front runner to win the award again and when he found Richard Rodgers in the end zone, not only for the touchdown but for the two-point conversion, you knew you were watching greatness.

Then, Rodgers sealed the deal with a field goal drive that included a clutch 3rd-and-8 conversion to Randall Cobb.

The defense held up against the run and made two huge plays in the fourth quarter. James Starks ran for 95 yards, 54 more than Marshawn and the offensive line, even without Bryan Bulaga blocked well enough to let Rodgers do his thing.

And Jayrone Elliot made a tremendous interception. But in the end, the difference was Rodgers.

If Rodgers, who was 24-of-33 for 249 yards with two TDs and no picks, isn’t the best quarterback in the league (might be tied with Tom Brady), he is unquestionably the best in the NFC and after last night’s win over Seattle, so are the Packers.

chris peterson

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