Packers: Jordy Nelson Diagnosed with Torn ACL

The Green Bay Packers have Super Bowl aspirations in 2015, but now, getting there is going to be much harder than expected.

That’s because the news was just announced by the Packers organization that the injury suffered by Jordy Nelson against the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday is a torn ACL. And that usually means a season-ending injury.

The news which was reported by, is a crushing blow for Green Bay. Nelson is a perennial pro bowler and arguably the second most important player on the Packers offense. Missing him won’t hurt as much as being without Rodgers like they were in 2013, but it’s a nightmare scenario for a team with legitimate title hopes.

Thankfully, the Packers are loaded at receiver, which will help them recover as Randall Cobb and second year man Davante Adams will need to be the go-to guys.

Cobb has plenty of experience starting and making plays for the Packers but with Nelson out, Adams will have to step into a starting role for the first time.

Others that will be counted on to fill the void are Jeff Janis, a seventh round pick in 2014, and Ty Montgomery, a third-rounder in this past year’s draft.

Yet, no player can truly replace Nelson, who is a unique talent and unquestionably one of the best pass-catchers in pro football.

Maybe the diagnosis will be wrong and maybe he won’t be done for the season, but right now it doesn’t look good for Nelson or Green Bay.

chris peterson

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