Packers: Brett Hundley and Scott Tolzien Fighting to Backup Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers have absolutely no doubt about who their starting quarterback will be in 2015 — yet when it comes to who his backup will be there are definitely some unanswered questions.

That’s because after the departure of Matt Flynn the battle to hold the clipboard on game day behind Rodgers is between three-year veteran Scott Tolzien and rookie fifth-round pick Brett Hundley.

At this point, it would certainly seem that Tolzien has the advantage. He has started two games for the Packers both coming in 2013 and even though he has thrown five interceptions compared to just one touchdown — he does have 90 career pass attempts and according to head coach Mike McCarthy has continued to make big strides.

Hundley on the other hand, is an intriguing prospect that Green Bay traded up for in the fifth-round, after his stock started to plummet. At one time, Hundley was talked about as a first-round pick and he still has the talent of a top pick, now it’s just up to McCarthy to make him realize it.

Last season as at UCLA, Hundley completed more than 69 percent of his passes for more than 3,000 yards to go along with 22 touchdowns and five interceptions. In his career he threw 75 touchdowns and just 25 interceptions and has always completed close to 69 percent of his throws while also finishing his career with 1,714 rushing yards and a staggering 30 touchdowns.

Hundley is a big-time prospect and the Packers were extremely fortunate to get him. Now they get at least four years to develop him and in that time if Rodgers get hurts — the team will have someone at least in his hemisphere in terms of talent to replace him.

As far as this season is concerned — it’s hard to see McCarthy giving the spot to Hundley because of his lack of experience. That’s not to say MM won’t give him the nod if he proves worthy. McCarthy knows that his is a young man’s game and if he is the best guy he will get the spot.

Otherwise, it could be a year of waiting for Hundley, who needs a lot of work before he is ready for primetime in the national football league. It will be a fun battle to watch and one of the few position battles on the offensive side of the of ball this year. But in the end, I believe Tolzien hangs onto the job for one season and then ia let walk as a free agent when the summer of 2016 comes around, therefore, Hundley will be a place holder this year and may not even dress for every game. Yet the backup job for the next three years is his for the taking and you never know if he plays well when he gets his chances what kind of opportunities he can create for himself down the road.




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There is no competition between Tolzien and Hundley. Tolzien is #2. Hundley is far from ready to play QB in the NFL. He’s a very good athlete, but at this point is not a good QB. His mechanics will need to be reworked, much like Tolziens was. He needs to improve his footwork and his accuracy. He might be lucky to be the backup to Rodgers next year. I think year 3 should be the soonest he’s considered the backup. QB’s in the NFL have to be able to win from the pocket, not w/ their feet. Until Hundley demonstrates his mechanics, knowledge of the offense and ability to play from the pocket he will remain #3 on the depth chart.


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