Packers 2015 Draft: 5 Realistic First-Round Scenarios for Green Bay

The day of the 2015 NFL Draft has finally arrived. That means if all goes to plan the Green Bay Packers will have an exciting new prospect on the roster by the end of the night.

Unless Ted Thompson trades out of the first round altogether, which is something I think he would love to do.

Yet, with the way the draft boards are stacking up, it will be very difficult. But the fact that teams have so many players with similar grades should make tonight’s first round both unpredictable and entertaining.

In terms of the Packers there are a number of scenarios that could unfold. So this is not a mock draft per say, but I am going to lay out five things that could realistically play out Thursday night in Chicago for Green Bay.

Stay and pick an ILB such as Denzel Perryman –

The Packers have a need at inside linebacker and Perryman could be the guy to fill it. Thompson would likely want to take someone like Perryman in round 2 but if no trade partner is available, the Packers will either need to pick Perryman or risk losing him and having to settle for another ILB later in the draft.

Trade down to round 2 –

I believe this is the ideal scenario for TT. He can grab an extra pick then nab a corner and a linebacker without reaching. Simply put he can just get better value and another bite at the apple. Getting out of round 1 with good value will be easier said than done this year but if the right offer is there, I expect Thompson to take it.

Stay and draft a corner –

If the Packers stay at No. 30, they will have to consider a corner such as LSU’s Jaken Collins, Byron Jones of UConn, Kevin Johnson of Wake Forest or Marcus Peters from Washington. All four can play but have questions about size (Johnson), speed (Jones) or character issues (Peters and Collins). So none of those corners are clean but if one is available when Green Bay is on the clock, it’d be hard to pass up.

Stay at No. 30 and draft Eddie Goldman, NT, FSU –

Ted Thompson subscribes to the theory that you can never have enough good, big guys in the trenches and with Green Bay lacking a bit at nose tackle, Goldman would be a perfect fit. He would help a run defense that struggled a season ago and would provide insurance in case B.J. Raji continues to battle injuries or just can’t play at a high level anymore. You still win in the trenches in the NFL and some more size and toughness inside wouldn’t hurt the Packers one bit.

Trade up for Trae Waynes –

In my mind there is no question that Waynes is the top cornerback prospect in the draft and that he will go in the Top 15. Yet, there are concerns about his height as he is just under 5-11 and that could cause him to fall. The Packers don’t like shorter corners but Waynes is special. If he falls in the 20s Green Bay might entertain moving up and nabbing the best prospect as a huge position of need. And even if it cost an extra pock or two it would be worth it.

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