Tramon Williams Will Visit the Cleveland Browns

If Green Bay Packers fans were hoping for good news over the weekend like last year, when the Packers signed Julius Peppers on the first weekend of free agency — they aren’t getting it.

In fact, the only news of note is a report by Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer that free agent cornerback Tramon Williams is visiting the Cleveland Browns.

Now this doesn’t mean he will sign. He visited the New Orleans Saints earlier this week and left without a deal. But it does make one think he is not happy with Green Bay’s offer of reportedly $4 million per year.

Williams is seemingly waiting it out for a better offer and is probably hoping Cleveland provides one or at least applies some pressure to the Packers to go their offer. 

As I’ve said before the Packers are playing a dangerous game with Williams, who I see as an essential signing. I believe he has 2-3 good years left and Green Bay has no suitable replacement waiting in the wings.

The Packers need to do what it takes to get him back, even if that means upping their offer to get Williams in the fold for next season and they need to do it soon, before it’s too late.

chris peterson

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