Packers Should Sign TE Jordan Cameron

If there is one position on offense where the Green Bay Packers could use an influx of talent, it’s at tight end. That’s why they should take a gamble on signing former Browns tight end Jordan Cameron.

Cameron, who is on the open market after a disappointing campaign with the Cleveland Browns last season, would give the Packers a great buy low option that could pay huge dividends.

When healthy, Cameron has proven to be a playmaker and was a Pro Bowl caliber tight end just two season ago with the Browns and their always shoddy quarterback situation.

In Green Bay, Cameron would flourish. Next to Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams, Cameron would see plenty of man-to-man coverage and with Aaron Rodgers slinging him the football, the sky is the limit.

And with the market being soft for Cameron, the Packers could find themselves paying a bargain basement price for a player with high end talent.

The Packers hit a home run last offseason with the signing of Julius Peppers, so why not swing for the fences again with Cameron?


  • Signing Cameron would be GREAT!! not Jennings!!!

  • Now don’t get carried away, here. We are dealing with the Ted Thompson school of football, after all!

    All these free agent possibilities! Not likely to happen.

  • I think we have a very good tight end in Richard Rogers. He got better and better as the season went along. Lets remember where we have a real problem and think about where there could be a potential problem if we don’t resign Tramont Williams granted he is 32 but he plays young and is seldom hurt. No one has jumped on him yet and with is it Haywood going to Jacksonville for 6 million Tramont would seem like a bargin at say 5. Then we have to get a middle line backer. We should have kept A.J. He had ankle surgery so maybe he would have picked up a few tenth of second. His football I.:Q was worth something. He probably will come back to Green Bay as a coach.

    • Yea I like Rodgers too. I think he had good hands and Quarless is adequate. But I agree need to get Tramon back. Yet, I’m glad about Hawk. I wanted him gone. Too old. Too slow. I like Barrington there and think we can get a good ILB in the draft. Packers also still have money to spend in free agency too. Thanks for commenting.

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