Packers Shouldn’t Get Cheap with Bryan Bulaga

The Green Bay Packers did the smart thing by locking up Randall Cobb with a four-year deal on Saturday. And now they need to take a hard look at doing the same with offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga.

However, at the moment that doesn’t look like a strong possibility. Of course, things weren’t looking good for a Cobb return either and that worked out. But, not unlike the Cobb situation, Bulaga would likely need to take less money and the Packers also need to up their current offer.

Reports have stated that Green Bay is unwilling to pay Bulaga $7 million per year, which he could easily get on the open market, maybe more. If Doug Free is worth $5 mil a year, Bulaga is worth $7.

Yet, for some reason, the Packers have been reluctant to pay Bulaga that and the reason seems to be they don’t want to pay him more than guard Josh Sittion, who makes about $6.5 million per season.

This logic, from this perspective, makes no sense. Tackles are worth more than guards, bottom line. And Green Bay just gave Cobb more in annual salary than Jordy Nelson, showing that sometimes you need to shake up salary structure, even if you don’t want to.

The Packers don’t want to overpay Bulaga and you can’t blame them. But he was part of the best offensive lines in the Mike McCarthy era and would be difficult to replace. Pro Bowl caliber tackles don’t grow on trees and with the Packers having more than enough cap space to meet Bulaga’s financial demands, they would be foolish not too.

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