Packers Should Pursue Percy Harvin if Randall Cobb Walks

If the Green Bay Packers decide to not come to their senses and re-sign Randall Cobb before NFL free agency opens on Tuesday, then they need to make a bold move in order to replace him, like signing Percy Harvin.

The move makes perfect sense for a number of reasons. For one, Harvin is one of the few slot receivers in the NFL that can rival Cobb ability wise and with Aaron Rodgers throwing him passes (and if he can stay healthy) the sky would be the limit. Harvin would also come cheaper than Cobb, although I wouldn’t expect him to be much cheaper.

With the trade of Brandon Marshall to the Jets, New York is now expected to release Harvin according to a report by That gives Green Bay another advantage in signing Harvin. If Green Bay lets Cobb walk and does not sign a free agent to compensate, it will surely receive a third-round compensatory pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. And since Harvin is being released, he is not considered a free agent in terms of compensatory selections, just like Julius Peppers wasn’t last offseason. So, signing Harvin could help replace Cobb, while still putting the Packers in a position to get a compensatory selection for his departure.

The Packers also have more than enough cap space, $33 million to be exact to make a play for Harvin and if they end up letting Cobb leave, they will need to find a way to replace his talent with talent, which is what signing Harvin would do.

Harvin wasn’t great last season for Seattle or the Jets. But, he did give the Packers fits in Week 1 and had two games with more than 100 yards receiving down the stretch for New York. And that was with Geno Smith or whoever else the Jets trotted out at quarterback chucking him the football. Green Bay has been adverse to these type of moves in the past but as the Peppers signing showed last season, it can work. And if the Packers are willing to try it again, no one would make more sense than Harvin.

chris peterson

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Chris — I love your writing but really disagree with this one. Sometimes 1+1 can equal 3 ——– but in the case I really believe 1+1 would equal zero. The guy has not been able to make it on three teams. Despite his talent. There’s a locker room he’d have to fit into that has two or maybe three established leaders (Rodgers, now Peppers and Matthews). I do not see any way Harvin fits here, and his presence could be destructive — as well as taking away from development of the fine young receivers the Packers have.


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