Green Bay Packers Should Pay Up to Keep Randall Cobb

Despite the fact that the Green Bay Packers likely would have to overpay to do it. They should, without question give Randall Cobb the money that he wants to keep with the team long-term.

Cobb is just 24 years old and is entering the prime—losing him would be an absolute knife to the heart of Green Bay’s draft and develop philosophy. Last season, he proved he could remain healthy and put together a Pro Bowl season that included 91 receptions for 1,287 yards and 12 touchdowns. He also caught a touchdown pass in the NFC championship game against Seattle and made some key receptions in a playoff win over Dallas.

The Packers picked Cobb in the second round just four years ago and if they allow him to leave it will be a waste of a pick. He has developed into possibly the most explosive slot receiver in the NFL and a trio of him, Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams for at least the next three years would be a welcome sight for Aaron Rodgers and a terrifying one for the rest of the league.

Yes, it would take a lot of money to bring Cobb back, surely more than $10 million a year and maybe even as much as $11 or $12. But, with the cap situation Green Bay is in it seems foolish to let him walk, especially when there is $33 million in cap space available.

The Packers were a play away from playing in the Super Bowl last season and will need all hands on deck if they want to have a chance to get back again. Losing Cobb wouldn’t mortally wound the Packers. They would certainly still be a playoff contender, particularly if Adams emerges and they find another receiver in the draft or free agency. But that’s not the point, the Packers have the money, so they should use it.

What good is building up over $30 million in space if you are going to let a 24-year old Pro Bowl wide receiver leave as well as a player like offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga. Yes, there is a limit for what you can pay someone. But with the cap situation the Packers have right now, they can afford to pay a premium price to keep the home grown talent like Cobb and they should—at least if they want to keep contending for Super Bowls.

chris peterson

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