Mike McCarthy Giving Up Play Calling Duties is Right Decision

Mike McCarthy is one of the best head coaches in the NFL. His record as head man of the Green Bay Packers speaks for itself. That’s why if he believes giving up the play calling duties for next season is the correct thing to do, then I believe it’s the right decision.

There is no doubt McCarthy is great at calling plays. He’s innovative and aggressive. It’s a big reason why his teams have been so successful (7 playoff berths in 9 seasons and one Super Bowl title). But if he feels confident that Tom Clements, who has been on the staff since McCarthy took over in 2006, can do the job then I believe that frees up McCarthy to help the team in other ways.

McCarthy has a great football mind and can use it to help the team improve on defense and special teams as well as on offense. And just because he doesn’t call plays doesn’t mean he won’t be involved in play calling. If you think he won’t let his voice be heard when it’s needed, you’re crazy.

But overall, the change should be a positive one for the Packers. In the last decade only two head coaches (McCarthy in 2010 and Sean Payton in 2009) that called their own plays have won Super Bowls. So there is evidence that calling plays is holding McCarthy back from being the best head coach he can be.

There are a ton of seemingly little decisions that can impact the outcome of the game and now McCarthy can focus on each of those instead of worrying about what play to call.

McCarthy has never been afraid to change for the better and when it comes to improving his team nobody works harder at it than he does. That’s why if he’s making this move, you can bet he thought about it long and hard and that’s why at the end of the day, I believe he made the right decision.

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