Packers vs Seahawks: Mike McCarthy Reiterates that Green Bay is Nobody’s Underdog

Mike McCarthy doesn’t believe in the underdog role. And frankly when it’s applied to his Green Bay Packers football team, he simply can’t stand it.

As he said in 2010 before taking on the New England Patriots on the road without an injured Aaron Rodgers as 13.5 point underdogs, “We’re nobody’s underdog.”

The Packers lost the game by four. But the mindset and confidence instilled by McCarthy’s statement stuck with a Packers team that went on to win the Super Bowl.

This week as Green Bay prepares to take on the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks on the road as 7.5 point underdogs, McCarthy again wants no part of the dreaded underdog label.

When the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel requested an interview with McCarthy about being the underdog, he did not respond. The Packers media relations department instead answered with this: “He doesn’t believe we are an underdog and wants no part of discussing that.”

McCarthy believes his team is better and that they can beat the Seahawks. And you can’t blame him for thinking that way. This Packers team is damn good.

Green Bay is 13-4 this season. The Packers own wins over four playoff teams, three division champions and two other teams with winning records that missed the postseason.

Green Bay scored more points than any team in the NFL. They have the best player in football. One of the leagues best offensive lines. A great running back. Three very good receivers and a defense that is much better than given credit for.

Green Bay is more than capable of winning this game and a big reason for that is McCarthy. He’s not just a great coach and play caller, he’s a leader of men. And he’s looking to lead his Packers past Seattle and back into the Super Bowl.

If McCarthy and the Packers win as he expects, maybe people will once again realize that no matter what–Green Bay is nobody’s underdog.

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